5 Steps To Reawaken Your Dreamer


Clarify, clear, connect, create and celebrate your way to an authentic, passionate & purposeful life

Each morning I step out on my back deck and say this short prayer, “Mighty God in me, I face thy eternal sunrise and receive its mighty radiance and activity visibly manifesting in my life and affairs. And so it is. Amen.” I’ve noticed that the prayer somehow seems more potent on sunny days than on overcast or rainy days, such as this morning. Like a small child who doesn’t understand that an object can exist even if she can’t see it, my brain seems to react to the fact that the sun is not visible by thinking that it doesn’t exist. Having learned the lesson of object permanence, I know the sun is always shining even if the clouds are blocking my view.
It occurred to me this morning that the same is true of our awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings. Because we do not constantly “see” evidence of our spiritual nature we forget that we are spiritual beings here on Earth having a human experience. Our external world, with all its cultural messages about what or who we need to be, do or have, and the resulting stress and busyness, keeps us focused on the material rather than the spiritual world. We can very easily lose sight of the fact that at our essence we are spirit in physical form, here to master chosen lessons and ascend into more enlightened states of being.
In my business, Reawaken Your Dreamer, I take clients through a 5 step process to assist them to remember the truth of who they are, release old negative programming in their cellular memory that keeps them locked into unsupportive beliefs and behaviors, and reawaken the dreamer inside themselves who knows that there are no limits to what they can create for themselves in this life experience. This process consists of 5 C’s:
1. Clarify: Everything that exists began as a thought in someone’s mind. You must create clarity about what it is that you want to create in order to have it manifest in your external experience.

2. Clear: Our conscious mind only has access to 5% of what is stored in our brain. The other 95% is in the subconscious and acts like a computer program running us most of the time. It is essential to clear this energy out of the cellular memory if you want to release old feelings, thoughts and behaviors and step into an updated version of yourself!

3. Connect: It is imperative to slow down and find ways to connect with your inner voice, your spiritual guidance system. Meditation, being in nature, prayer, journaling, yoga, energy healing, sound and movement all help to guide us back to our spiritual nature.

4. Create: You are constantly creating your reality through your thoughts, words, and actions. The question is whether you are creating through intention or by default. The 3 preceding steps will help insure that you are creating by intention and the evidence will begin to show up in your life.

5. Celebrate: Joy, appreciation and gratitude are among the highest vibrating frequencies. As much as you can, celebrate life, express gratitude, show appreciation and joyfully move through life. Even situations that appear challenging are opportunities to grow and learn. The more you are in the higher vibrating frequencies, the more you will attract to celebrate!

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