10 Practices For Creating A Happier Relationship

10 Practices For Creating A Happier Relationship [EXPERT]

You can make your relationship happier and more intimate by using these 10 practices!

This week the media has been focused on the Olympic trials for the American athletes who are competing for a place in the upcoming Olympic Games. With this attention on the Olympics, I was reminded of something I once read comparing relationships to the Olympics. The writer suggested that relationships are the Olympic training grounds for the soul. When faced with the challenges of being in a relationship, we can either close ourselves off and  stop growing or we can look deep inside ourselves and choose the opportunity to grow exponentially. I believe that the way in which we look at and define relationships has everything to do with whether we shut down or grow.

In my work with clients I share with them my belief that relationships are sacred contracts and that every person we come into contact with is there to help us learn something. I believe that these contracts are agreed on between souls on a higher dimension. The souls agree to help each other master certain life lessons, such as forgiveness, self-love, setting appropriate boundaries and compassion. The tricky part is, when we incarnate on Earth, we forget that we have made these contracts for our higher good. Therefore, our "teachers" can often show up as people who challenge, irritate or annoy us. 16 Ways Feeling Irresistible Benefits Your Relationship

Those who we are in longer relationships with, such as family members and life partners, provide us with the greatest opportunity for mastering our life lessons. These true soul mates are here to hold a mirror up to us, so that we can better see the places that need to be healed within ourselves. Let's face it, all of us are wounded as we go through life. In our intimate relationships, we have the option to  further wound or make a commitment to heal each other.

The key to whether we further wound or help heal ourselves and our partner is based on a conscious choice to create deeper intimacy in the relationship. If we do not make this conscious choice, to commit to being real, vulnerable, honest and to expose our soft side, neither partner will be truly happy or fulfilled. When two people are willing to create deeper intimacy, then their love has a firm foundation and fertile soil to grow. With deep trust, we can honor the fact that we are each others teachers and let go of blame, guilt and any sense of being a victim. These 10 practices will help shift the dynamics of your relationship and allow intimacy and happiness to blossom. 20 Marriage "Rules" I've Learned From Being A Psychotherapist

1. Remember that you and your partner chose, on a higher level, to come together to be each other's teachers and mirrors. Recognize that when issues come up they are opportunities to look inside yourself and see what is ready to be healed. The issues that trigger you most in your relationship are the clues to where you are most in need of healing.

2. Remember that you and your loved one are "partners." You are on the same team, not adversaries in competition with each other. Teams are most successful when members are focused on their mutual goals and how each person can assist in the attainment of those desired goals.

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