Got Body Issues? Learn How to Love Your Body Now!


It's no wonder we have issues when it comes to body image in America!

Believe it or not, you can change your relationship with your body through this amazing workshop.

About 80% of American women and 45% of American men are dissatisfied with their appearance. No doubt about it, our society is obsessed with the ideal of perfection. Is it really surprising that we have body issues?

This thought provoking, interactive workshop will let participants explore the root of their own body issues, how it has affected them and prevented them from fully embracing their sexuality, and most importantly, how to combat the constant barrage of media attention focusing on perfection.

This workshop will also explore the reality of genital shame and how it can affect us from celebrating our sexual selves. Please visit my website http://www.catherinecoaches for information on upcoming workshop dates or to book a private party.

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