Why Scarlett Struggles To Find Love: Get Off The Sabotage Train


Why life's dramas and traumas drain sensitive Scarlett O'Haras and leave them too spent for Love.

Shelby reached across the table and grabbed her cigarettes. Another Saturday night alone with her Tivo, her cat and her Salems. All she could think about was how much it sucked being alone….again. "I am so tired of doing everything alone," she muttered. The microwave chimed in announcing her Lean Cuisine entree was ready.

She padded across the kitchen in her old slippers to retrieve her dinner. "I am such a sad sack…why can't I snap out of it?" Tired of her routine, she tossed the frozen dinner into the trash, changed into her jeans and flip flops and headed out of the house.

Not exactly sure where she was going, Shelby walked toward the park. The minute she got outside, she felt better. It was a beautiful summer evening and the air was still warm from the day's heat.

She took a deep breath…old advice from her former yoga teacher, and felt her mood start to change. "If you want change in your life….you have to change something about your life." The words from the self help book ticked her off when she first read it, but they felt different right now. "Why did I quit that yoga class anyway?" she thought. "I loved it."

Sitting down on a bench she absentmindedly traced hearts in the sand at her feet. "I wonder if there is a Saturday night yoga class with a hot instructor for me to look at." she laughed. "Now that is a change I could get in to!"

How can a yoga class make love come faster?  Anything you do to get out of your routine will make you more magnetic to love. 

Scarlett If you are serious about finding love, you have to take a good look in the mirror. If you don't like spending Saturday nights with yourself..how do you expect anyone else to?

It is easy to fall into the Victim Trap…you know what I mean, don't you? HE cheated on you. SHE gossips about you. THEY don't invite you to be part of the group. There is absolutely NOTHING of value to you in sentences that start with SHE, HE and THEY.

Your power lies with statements that start with I. Your LOVE VIBRATION is turned on by the words I AM. Try these on for size. Read them outloud:

I AM a great person with lots to offer.

I AM loving, loyal and full of life.

I AM talented and funny.

I AM looking for new friends and contacts.

I AM open and available to all the good the Universe has for me.

Stop and check in. Are you aware of any tingling or warmth in your chest? Maybe a squeeze in your belly. Finding a body feeling that goes with your thoughts is your goal. Now feel your way into the next 4 magnetic statements:

I AM alone right now but that is only temporary.

I AM constantly evolving toward my highest and best.

I AM enjoying life more every day.

I AM allowing the natural unfolding of life to delight me.

Go ahead, make a few I AM statements of your own. Remember that your LOVE VIBE depends on it!

Catherine Behan is a Dating, Sex and Intimacy Coach practicing in San Diego, CA. For a free 20 minute chat to talk about manifesting your Last First Date, click here.