Three Sabotage Breakthrough Secrets


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"Catherine, I wanted you to be the first to know.... I got engaged last weekend!"

Before Sarah and I met, she was 38, wanted to have children of her own and hadn't dated in 5 years. 8 months later she sent me an email with her good news! Now she is planning her wedding!

Ready to March into March with an action plan for melting your self sabotage patterns before Spring? Could there be a wedding for you in 2011?

When Sarah connected with her Rapunzel, everything changed. She stopped complaining and started campaigning to befriend her Saboteur...that is when everything changed.

Sarah learned how she was actually RESISTING the very dream she was craving. Once she got it... everything changed!

Would you like to know the very Secrets that turned things around for Sarah? Listen in on this special audio coaching recording where I reveal Sabotage Breakthrough Secrets that will help you get over that first heart break. is self sabotage that is the final frontier between you and your happily-ever-after! Make this the moment you say YES to a delicious future like Sarah's.

I would LOVE to see you put self sabotage behind you...once and for all!

Here is how to get your recording:

I want to know the Three Secrets!!

If you listen to one recording this month...this is the one not to miss!

Love and Magic....


PS I bet your Saboteur is whispering to you...."I bet you already know the secrets...don't get your hopes up again."

PPSS Just tell her..."Shhhhhh. I LOVE secrets!"