The Magical Hawaiian Love Manifestation Tool That Rocks

The Aloha Spirit is filled with love and light. Use this powerful force to manifest your true love.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep because your mind is running itself into hyper-drive?

Does your mind start streaming self critical and hopeless thoughts like this:

What's wrong with me. I will never find anyone. I am such a loser. Why did I break up with that guy. I liked him ok. Now I am here alone again. I hate on line dating. How will I ever meet anyone. I hate bars. I am so over the cocktail scene. Maybe I could join the gym. No, I hate the gym. I hate being alone. I hate my life. What's wrong with me. I will never find anyone. I am such a loser....blah, blah and blah.....

Get my drift? In the middle of the night, it can be brutal to turn that stream off. It can start running stronger and stronger. When you read in the Law of Attraction books that your thoughts create your reality...doesn't that frustrate you? I don't blame you.

But what is a lonely girl to do? A couple of years ago, I learned the most amazing tool for turning off my own mind. I was recovering from cancer and believe me, fear ran my mind night and day. Many nights, my eyes would pop open and on would go my mind...and not in a happy direction.

During this time, I stumbled upon an ancient Hawaiian healing practice called Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono). I read a book called The Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King that inspired me in many ways. I love Hawaii, always have, and this kahuna (healer) taught me something that really helped.

Ho'oponopono (Or just Hono Pono as I say it) has a lot of ritual and is described in detail on Wikipedia should you all want more info, but for turning off the mind, I simplified it to a simple routine that has WORKED EVERY TIME. Yes, you read right.

This tool works EVERY time to turn my mind from the flood of negative thinking that can drag me into a blue mood. So this is what I do:

There are FOUR phrases that every human being would love to hear from someone they love. Four phrases that turn and soften the human heart but four phrases that some people never, ever hear from their loved ones.

The phrases are:

Thank You

I Love You

I'm Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Think about it, isn't there someone in your life, someone you really care with all your heart who has misunderstood you and hurt your feelings? Wouldn't you give just about anything to hear these words? I know I do.

What I discovered that changed my life was that I could say these words to myself. I discovered that when I said these words, some real magic happened. My ears hearing my own voice saying these four phrases brought a lot of peace and yes, in the middle of the night, put me back to sleep.

At first, I resisted it. I hate to admit it but, I didn't want to accept that I could provide this comfort for myself. You see, a part of me still wanted, in fact, insisted on hearing these things from the person who hurt me. A part of me believed that I wouldn't FEEL as loved if I said this for myself instead of hearing it from my loved one.

But, guess what? I am the boss of me. I am the chairman of my own mind. I am the only one who can stop the runaway train of my negative thinking. I know it was because of the cancer that I changed my tight thinking. I wanted to live more than I wanted to hear those things from people who had hurt me.

So. I began what has become an easy daily habit. I began to repeat the magic words over and over. Muttering under my breath so I wouldn't wake my husband, I said. "Thank you. I love you. I'm Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank You. I love you. I'm Sorry. Please Forgive me."

When I fell asleep the first time, I was sold. I didn't know how it worked, I just know that it did. These magic words turned off my fear. Simple as that.

What happened for me in the years since is that I really do love to hear those words. When my ears hear my mouth speaking these phrases, it feels good. My heart loves these words, no matter who says them. Would I like to hear them from Madame X or Mister Z? Yes, of course.

But I have learned that even if I never hear those words from the person I long to hear them from, I can access all the magic in them for myself.

And that is a powerful manifesting tool indeed.

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