5 Lessons We Can Learn From Lindsay Lohan's Wild Life

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Lindsay Lohan's Wild Life [EXPERT]
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Find out what to do if someone you love is in trouble.

4. Believe realistic thoughts about your afflicted friend. Using phrases like "even though," you can create some life-giving affirmations. (Life giving for you, not for them.)  You can't change your affected love one, but "even though" statements can empower you mightily. Here are some examples:

  • Even though he is out of control and I hardly recognize him anymore, I choose to see that this is just temporary.
  • Even though my heart is broken, I choose to believe that something good will come out of this.
  • Even though she is running into trucks and I am scared that next time, she won't be so lucky, I choose to release her to her own consequences.

5. Don't be afraid of tough love. You may need to call her bluff sometimes and stand toe to toe with her. "Go ahead, move out if that's what you really want." It takes real guts to make moves like this. Be sure you have a good solid support system to help you walk it out. You can do it.

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