How To Marry Your Second Husband First


Wouldn't it be nice to have a dress rehearsal for your happily ever after?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could start a relationship with a healthy dose of hindsight leading the way?

Now that I am in my second marriage with a second soul mate, I have often thought how lucky I am to be getting a second chance to do things differently.

In my first marriage, I was woefully  ill equipped. My negotiating skills were non-existent and I lived in a constant state of anxiety trying to keep peace at any cost.

I mistakenly believed that if I could keep my husband from being mad, that I would live happily ever after. Sounds so weak and wimpy now, I cringe at the thought.

But in my 21 year old wisdom (bless me!) all I wanted to do was to live in a home where there was no fighting. What resulted?

Two people who never talked about what mattered. Never talked about our dreams. Never talked about our challenges. Never talked. I signed on for this. I chose to be this way.

The Law of Attraction brought me the exact right partner. I take full responsibility. When we divorced it broke my heart. It was then, after my cushion of time to restore my confidence in myself after we broke up that I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could marry your second husband first."

It sure would save a lot of time and complication.

Imagine if you knew the pitfalls to avoid. What if you had the confidence to stand in your own power and create a partnership that could withstand the tests of time? What if you could beat the odds of the 50% divorce rate and create an ideal relationship? I believe that is possible. Not only possible, but probable.

Are you still waiting for that True Love to walk into your life? Do you wish to enter a marriage with a game plan for lasting devotion? If you are still reading this post, I know there is a part of you who is ready. Ready to learn how to be a great second wife the first time around.

Take the time to prepave your next year. Decide to create a list of deal makers and deal breakers. Find a community of people who can support and believe with you. The Law of Attraction will faithfully serve you as you come into alignment with your authentic self.

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