How To Deal With Delay: 5 Steps to a Breakthrough


What to do when you are sick and tired of waiting for the Law of Attraction to bring your soul mate.

"I am tired of the Law of Attraction."

"I do everything Abraham says and I am still single."

"I am SO tired of being alone."

Sound familiar? It can be searingly difficult to keep the faith with you are working with the Universal Laws. The books, audios and coaching programs all promise great results, so what's up? Why can't finding love be easier?

I hear you. Law of Attraction SOUNDS good when you hear it, doesn't it? If you can learn how to magnetize yourself to love, your perfect match will 'magically' appear and your happily ever after is yours at last. Are you rolling your eyes? Great...keep reading!

There is a missing piece to the puzzle and if you are rolling your are closer to the missing piece than you think! The one ingredient to manifesting success that flies under the radar and stays out of your view is.....

Are you ready for this? The very frustration you are feeling is the missing link! As you get more and more clear about what kind of relationship you want, you are actually stirring the pot of your past disappointments. This is natural and normal!!

Your brain has been conditioned to create thoughts contrary to loving connection. You read right. Your own brain chemistry is working against you and the only clue you have is your frustration. Why is that a problem?

Simple...Law of Attraction gurus teach you night and day that you must keep our vibration up at all costs, that you must place yourself in the mindset and mood of a happily married soul mate before you can be magnetic enough to have him show up. There is only one problem with that.

In order to create the feeling of mission accomplished before the mission is accomplished is to allow the negative thoughts have a voice. Depression, despair, anger, frustration, sadness, grief and loneliness are all real energies produced by our brains in response to life drama and trauma.

If you don't recondition your brain to see these events are stuck in the waiting room forever!!!

Should you just give up? NO!! Your negative feelings are controlling your lackluster love life and there is a safe way to express them. Worrying that you will attract more negative results if you allow yourself to be negative is a trap! You must find away to change your thoughts about the painful past and retraining your brain is the fastest way to get that job done.

So what can you do?

Here are 5 Steps to Keeping Your Faith in The Law of Attraction While You Are Waiting for Love:

1. Don't Deny Your Feelings: Seems simple, but is so important. When you are feeling blue or find yourself in a funk, don't be too quick to run from those feelings. You are frustrated and I don't blame you.

Let your feelings about your singleness have a voice. Now, you don't want to go venting all over the place and speak all about it, but writing a list of the people who have disappointed you in love is a great step!

2. Evaluate which past relationship is the most painful: Think about a past breakup. Remember the time it happened and see if there is any regret, remorse or rejection still there. On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong are your feelings?

3. Lean into your feelings: One of my favorite techniques is a really simple one. After I have figured out the person whose betrayal is stirring me up at the moment, I get a pencil and paper and begin to write his or her first name.

I like using a pencil for this because when I am feeling a lot of intensity about the person, my handwriting shows the intensity. I write the name over and over. Amazing how feelings come up! You will feel yourself getting calmer until the exercise comes to a natural end. I usually start to misspell the name. That is my signal I am done.

4. Allow yourself to accept that person: Should they have broken your heart? No, of course not! But, most of those pesky early heartbreaks were not malicious, even though it may have felt that way at the time. Early relationships are hardwired for drama and trauma.

Can you think of a teenager who isn't? See that person as someone who did not get you. He didn't have the skills to let you down easy and he blew it. Seriously...would you want to still be with him? Your brain was trained to withdraw from love because of him and now you can let it go. Believe it or not, that name writing exercise is brain training!

5. You are the one who is the center of your own love universe: When you have control over your own reaction to past emotional hurt, you will shine with confidence! Relationships hurt. That is the way it is.

When you are scared of being hurt again, it is like putting someone else at the center of your love universe. Don't let another minute go by allowing a long lost love control your future! Admit, allow and adopt your thinking about love and you will be MUCH happier with the LOA and all it offers!


I get emails every week from people who say this to me: "I don't want to be alone when I am old." There is so much passion and desire and love that is longing to be poured out on another person.

Believe me, there are thousands of men out there looking for the someone exactly like you!! If you go back and read the first letter of the first word in each of my 5 steps, you will see the secret to success. Once you accept this secret as the Universe's way to prepare you for love, you will see concrete evidence of Love coming into your life....I promise!

Catherine Behan is a Dating, Sex and Intimacy Coach practicing in San Diego, CA. For a free 20 minute chat to talk about manifesting your Last First Date, click here.

This article was originally published at Breakup Candy. Reprinted with permission from the author.