"Consider Yourself Dumped.” Ever Had a Text Breakup?

"Consider Yourself Dumped.” Ever Had a Text Breakup?

Is there ever a good reason to dump someone on social media? Has this happened to you?

"How DARE he!"  Roxie stormed.  "On my voicemail….Who does he think he is!"

"Tell me about it," Barb said, "My ex sent me a text message!"

What is our world coming to?  Is breaking up by text the trend of the future?  What is your worst break up story?

Back in the day, before technology, the worst thing would be when your BF or GF would simply disappear, never to be heard from again.  It would take time to realize they were gone forever and that was cruel in its own way.

But now, with text, twitter and Facebook, everything has changed.  One recent breakup client found out they were done when her ex changed his relationship status to Single on Facebook.  Ouch.  How about you, have you either dumped someone or have been dumped on social media?  Shouldn't there be social media manners??

I do lots of business on line and social media is a life line to my breakup girls.  I love connecting with my ever growing community of peeps, friends and contacts.  It is true that nothing replaces in person contacts, but I enjoy wonderful connections all over the world and I love social media because of that.

But….if you are reading this and you are considering a breakup, I hope you do the brave thing and tell your soon-to-be-ex in person.  It may scare you to pieces to look your former love in the eye and tell them that you are ready to move on, but you will be so glad you did.

Guilt will haunt you if you take the chicken's way out.  You may be able to swallow that guilt, but don't be fooled, hidden guilt will hurt your next relationship….every time.

Let's face it, breakups are natural.  You need to split up if you are not happy.  Your True Love is out there waiting for you.  Cut your losses and move on, just do it with kindness.

Meanwhile, if you have been dumped in a cruel way, here's a hug, text style: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}.  You will be ok, even if you are struggling right now.  Be glad your ex moved on.  Now you can find someone who will give you the love and respect you deserve!

What if you could wash your Ex right out of your mind? Wishful thinking? No. The very best thing you can do is to detox your body and mind. Because of current brain research, you can now walk through your breakup healing with a step by step plan.

As I found out when I recovered from my divorce, there really is a bit of sweetness in every breakup. You are amazing and deserve to be free to try love again. Maybe a bit of Breakup Candy will inspire you too.