Celebrity Apprentice: Did Snow White Lisa Rinna Get A Raw Deal?


Dionne Warwick and Star Jones derailed Lisa Rinna. Can a Snow White Be Successful in Business?

Actress and Host Lisa Rinna got booted from Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday and it wasn't a pretty site.  Dionne Warwick and Star Jones, flaming Scarletts, were a tough tag team against Rinna and ultimately even Trump agreed, Rinna was out.

Now, according to E!, Jones is filing suit against Rinna for harrassment over tweets posted demeaning Jones.  One particularly damaging picture was of Rinna with a cartoon monster with the quote:  "Great Shot of Me and Star Jones."

So what's the deal?

What I know from my work with love sabotage is that Snow Whites don't like Scarletts.  Scarletts don't like Snow Whites. And neither of them have much time for Rapunzels.  What ends up happening is that women are enraged at each other and rather than banding together to create something good, they undermine each other.  Some in numbingly public ways.

Lisa was hurt by the blatant disrespect and lack of support Warwick and Jones displayed.  Making it worse, Trump agreed.  Being publicly flogged for her weaknesses as a leader, Rinna struggled to defend herself.  Even though Jones and Warwick were clearly off the mark in their ideas for the project.  Rinna paid the consequences.  Her sweet nature wouldn't let her rant and blame.  Hello, sister.

Can a Snow White be successful in business?  Not for Mr. Trump!  His team is better served by the sharp Scarlett style.  It would have been interesting to have Ivanka in the room.  I wonder how she would have communicated to Lisa.

Here are some of the challenges a Snow White faces in business:

1.  Being Sweet:  Now everyone LOVES Snow White as a friend or partner.  Why?  One word:  Accommodating.  Snow White can't stand for people to be upset with her.  She will bend over backwards to avoid conflict.  She is compromised in negotiations because she hates going for the jugular.  Rinna did NOT want the Project Manager role but accommodated the demands of others.  Snow White through and through.  Even when she posted the tweet...she used a cartoon style character!

2.  Being Diffuse:  Some might call it scattered or even disorganized.  Snow White is tremendously creative.  When she cooks, the kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it.  She can multi-task and work on three projects at the same time.  She is able to filter out the non-essential and when she is passionate about her task, her creativity makes real magic.  Warwick and Jones not only withheld support and guidance, they raked Rinna over the coals for her very nature.

3.  Being Vulnerable Under Attack:  Snow White does not attack...unless under extreme stress.  Wanting to see the best in others, she does not focus on weaknesses and would never criticize someone in public.  Star Jones would be a smart choice as your attorney with her shark like persnality, her Scarlett nature serves her.  Snow White's posting of the pic of "Star the Monster" is not the best way to deal with a problem, agreed, but it wasn't all that brutal of an attack either.

4.  Being Too Tenderhearted:  Snow White is addicted to helping people.  Natural empaths and great listeners, they are the friends that are always there in the middle of the night in your emergency.  Lisa might have found support with the other women in the board room, they were intimidated into silence by Warwick and Jones.  Marlee Matlin was at least strong enough to say the truth...Dionne Warwick was certainly not a team player.  Even though Trump and his son were coaching her into ranting at Jones and Warwick, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

5.  Being Too Dreamy and Optimistic:  Snow White only sees the silver lining, she doesn't even see the cloud.  Particularly vulnerable to the positive thinking mentality, she easily turns her gaze from the problems and focuses on the positives.  Rinna, ended up putting a decent project together for Trump but she was not able to see the real problems developing with her team.  Trusting Warwick and Jones to produce a children's book without her input was her fatal flaw.  But Rinna kept her eye on the prize...pleasing a room full of 4 and 5 year olds and missed the yellow flags.

At the end of the day, Trump clearly stated that it was Warwick and Jones' errors that caused the loss of Lisa Rinna's team.  Yet is was Lisa's nature that led him to fire her.  Could she find a place within the Trump organization?  Absolutely!

When you want team players, Snow Whites like Lisa Rinna are the way to go.  The Celebrity Apprentice is not home free for team players.  The Donald wants cut throat leaders like himself. No one can deny that his way works for him.

What I saw on Sunday that was distressing was the lack of regard these women had for each other.  We are all so different and yet at the end of the day, we all lose if we don't know how to look beyond that to find collaboration.

Do I think Rinna should have posted that pic?  No.  But I sure understand it.  This Snow White has been pretty hurt by other women in business too.   I have a rule about social media....NO DIRTY LAUNDRY.  Once it is online, it is online forever.  Even though the tweets have been deleted, they are still archived out there.

If a business woman has offended you or let you down, it will serve everyone if you can build a bridge and not go nuclear.  Understanding sabotage and how your self defeating habits hold you back in business will pay off big time. 

We Snow Whites need Scarletts and Rapunzels in our lives.  We need the strength and the fire.   Scarletts and Rapunzels need us.  They need the compassion and patience.  We really do need each other.  Lisa, I feel for you girl!  I think the Celebrity Apprentice lost a real Star!

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