Stuck In The Past? 5 Steps To Get Unstuck From Your Breakup


Are you having trouble moving on from your ex? Follow these 5 steps and practice letting go.

Poetry in lyrics or literature has a way of cutting through the mind's bullshit and reaching your heart. It is just about impossible to move on from the past if you stay guarded and closed.

Think about a favorite song that can transport you instantly to an ocean of emotion each time you hear it. If you are trying to move on after a breakup, these trips down memory lane are anything but comfortable, right? The good news is that you can USE these emotional surges to help yourself let go of lost love. Breakup quotes can help you learn how to move on from a breakup!

Below is a powerful poem about being invisible while still in a relationship. Ouch! It is a pre-breakup situation. Read through it and then follow the five steps that follow:

Rocky Road

She's standing right in front of you
fully clothed
though she feels
vulnerable, naked and exposed.

She wants you to look at her
like you did when you just first met
with awe, interest and fascination.

Don't look past her;
don't pretend to see her
when you've really been
looking at somebody else.

She's at a rocky road,
walking on eggshells
trying to work things out

but you might come around too late
right when she's ready
to walk out the door
into another man's waiting arms

  1. Which part of the poem touched you? Go back and read it again. Stick with it and breathe. Notice if you tend to hold your breath when something moves you.
  2. Notice where you are feeling uneasy. Does the idea of your ex bother you? Is the emotion in your mind?
  3. Do a body check to see if you are feeling any tightness, restriction or aching in your belly, chest or throat. Take a breath, close your eyes and tune in. Perhaps your ears are heating up or a shiver hits you. Take a breath.
  4. Lay your hand on the part of your body that is holding on and press in as you take a deep breath. If you are so inclined, go ahead and cry. There is something to the Let It Go message...(Fresh Start Tip: Looking in the mirror and talking to yourself eye to eye is a proven tool in changing your mindset. For one week, start your day looking into your own eyes, hand on your heart, and say, "Even though I am unsure about the future, I will figure it out and be fine." Repeat 3 times.)
  5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. There is a reason you are tight, restricted and aching. I may not explain it exactly right, but I know that your brain and body have built a safety suit around your deepest heart. There is not a snowman's chance in hell of getting close to you until you figure out a way to unlock or turn off that force field.

Repeat this 5 step process as often as you wish. You will get unstuck, I promise. It comes in slow steady stages. Look for small signs of positive change in your life. As you get unstuck, it may not show up in your love life first. Any change in fortune or good luck that happens is a sign that your are moving in the right direction. (Fresh Start Tip: Be sure to include a heartfelt thank you when you notice any positivity coming your way. I recommend starting a gratitude journal)

Rocky Road written by: Kimalee Jones.
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