The Breakup Quiz

The Breakup Quiz

Are you ready for new love or is your Ex still camping out in your heart? Find out right here.

Did you know that you can LEVERAGE your breakup Leverage?  You bet!

Now that you finally broke up with the guy, you are ready for Mr. Right, right?


The worst thing you can do is to get yourself hooked up before you have detoxed yourself from the drama and trauma that you have stored in your heart and mind. I know it seems like HE is the bad guy, but it is YOUR heart where all the pain is stored.

You have been hurt, disappointed, betrayed, lied to, lied about and in every way discounted and rejected.  It hurts like hell.  But, and this is big....there is a real danger in moving on too quickly to your new guy.

The fact is that 90% of the deepest hurt you are feeling is because of your past heart breaks.  The deeper your past emotional pain, the more you can USE your current situation to do some major emotional restoration.

Give yourself the time and attention to deep clean your hopes, expectations and intentions.  Take them out, dust them off and rearrange them.  Make sure your deal breakers and desires are based on today's reality and not on past boys and men.

Remember, if you meet a hot guy when you are still aching inside, it will feel amazing.  You will feel sexy, desirable and loved again.  So what in the world is wrong with that?

What's wrong is this.  When you are still licking your wounds and there is a pool of paralyzing pain right beneath the surface, you will ALWAYS ATTRACT MEN WHO ARE RESONATING WITH YOUR PAIN. 

Men who are magnetized to your pain will ultimately and always hurt you.  They come in strong to rescue you and then become controlling and the relationship falls apart.  Sound familiar?

Wouldn't it be nice to make this breakup your last one? Take this quiz to see if you are ready for love:

Take The Breakup Quiz:

1.  I can’t eat or sleep.

2.  I can’t stop thinking about my ex.

3.  I’m angry with myself for not moving on.

4.  My friends are nagging me to move on.

5.  My ex is already dating someone.

6.  I haven’t had a date since the breakup.

7.  If he came back, I would take him.

If you had more than 5 true, click right here: Breakup Candy

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