Why It's Time to Throw Out Your Little Black Dress


Is your LBD making you look silly, washed out, or old?

The little black dress.

It’s considered a staple of every woman’s wardrobe.

But consider the possibility that your little black dress isn’t actually doing you any favors.

Why the little black dress doesn’t work

The little black dress looks fabulous—on one kind of woman.

But women everywhere actually express one of 4 different Types of beauty.

Each Type has its own distinct movement. And the color black has no movement, no expression, just stillness.

So for the right woman, black brings out her features and makes her look stunning.

But when a woman of the wrong Type dresses in black, she looks silly, washed out, or just downright old.

Put me in that last category. Black ages me quicker than anything!

Whose idea was this anyway?

As a pioneering designer, Coco Chanel did tremendous good for women’s fashion.

Before Coco, women lived in the discomfort of corsets, long dresses, and lots of lace.

Her ideas and insights helped women to dress more simply and diversified the fashion world.

But true to her bold nature, she felt she knew better than anyone else what was right!

Coco herself was a Type 4 beauty who looks striking in black. So that was the rule she made... and women everywhere have been living by it ever since, without questioning if it really works for their Type of beauty.

What to wear instead

I’m thankful to Coco Chanel for what she did for women’s fashion. But it’s time to stop playing by misdirected rules that make us look older and heavier than we are!

When you stop limiting yourself to the little black dress, the possibilities are endless.

The key? Follow your beauty sixth sense (not Coco Chanel’s) and only wear dresses and other clothes that you can truly say you love.

One of the quickest ways to find your beauty sixth sense: discover your Type of beauty.

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