4 Deal-Breaker Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making


Time to stop stepping on your partner's toes without even knowing it.

There are 4 Types of people in this world.

And they all have unique motivations and priorities in relationships.

If you and your partner are different Types, you might be stepping all over each other's emotional toes without even knowing it! 

Time to figure out what's going on so you don't make a deal-breaking mistake...

The mistake you make with Type 1's: 

  • You tell them NO too quickly and too often.

Type 1's have a naturally upward, light energy—and they ALWAYS have new ideas. You might hurt your Type 1 partner by shutting down their endless ideas, rather than appreciating them.

  • How to fix the mistake:

If the Type 1 in your life comes up with a great new idea, just celebrate it with them for a second (even if you think they won't follow through). If it's not an idea they're really committed to, they'll disconnect from it quickly on their own. 

The mistake you make with Type 2's:

  • You don't connect emotionally with them often enough.

Both male and female Type 2's are naturally more sensitive, and they might question where they stand with you if they don't hear about your emotions every so often.

  • How to fix the mistake: 

Even if you think it's obvious that you love the Type 2 in your life, take a moment to express it in words. Spend an extra minute just sitting with them. They will appreciate how reassured and connected they feel.

The mistake you make with Type 3's:

  • You tell them to stop when they're already in motion.

Type 3 energy is active and reactive. These people get things going fast! They get super frustrated if you step in the way of their goal.

  • How to fix the mistake:

If the Type 3 in your life has started a major project that you don't like, offer a switch in focus rather than telling them to stop completely. Better yet, jump right in and work with them to accomplish whatever they're working on!

The mistake you make with Type 4's

  • You tell them they are too critical. 

Type 4 men and women have a knack for finding inefficiencies and wanting to perfect them. In relationships, they can be told to stop being judgmental when really, they're just trying to improve the relationship.

  • How to fix the mistake:

Express respect for your partner's opinion! The more respect your Type 4 partner receives from you, the less often they will express judgment, and the more deeply loyal they will be.

(Extra tip: Don't touch their stuff. Respecting a Type 4's personal space is a huge way to communicate respect for them.)

Don't know which Type you are?

Perfect timing.

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