Senior Dating: Is It For You?


There are particular challenges that senior women face.

In this day and age, there are women that are getting married and divorced at all different ages. There are particular challenges that older women face.

It can be harder for older women because they’ve been in their marriage for so long and it does take longer. The longer the marriage is, the longer the recovery period usually.  A lot of times, women, older women don’t feel so attractive and they feel like they’re not going to be attractive to men and that’s probably not true.

There are a lot of things that women can do to make themselves more attractive. You can have a new hairstyle. You can color your hair. You can get new makeup. You can get some attractive clothes.

The thing that many women get caught up on is really the flaws in their bodies.  Actually, the fact of the matter is that, men are not looking at those flaws. They’re looking at how they feel with you. Do they have a good time with you? Do they feel you’re interested in them? Are you an interesting person? Do you draw them out? Do you draw the best out of them?

They’re not looking at, “Well, are your hips too big or your bust too small?” or that kind of thing. I mean sure there are men who totally judge on appearances. But you don’t want them anyway. So you want to weed those out.

If you’re an older woman you may be looking for an older man that is mature enough and gotten past just looking at the physical attributes.  You may want someone that is much more interested in being comfortable with you and spending many years of their life with you.

A lot of the older men are looking for women who are like 20, 30 years younger than they are and in fact, some of them are. But those are not the men you would want anyway.

Senior dating: is it for you?