How To Feng Shui Decor Your New House After Divorce


It may be easier moving to a house with new energy than to stay in the old one with negative energy

Sometimes it can be almost easier if you are moving into a new house with new energy than it is to stay in the old house with negative energy.

To feng shui a new place, a lot depends of course of what you’re bringing with you.  You should not bring anything with you from the old house that has any kind of a negative association.  If that is not possible, you could do a cleaning.  Clean that piece of furniture very well like if it’s wood or if it’s fabric. Do a very good cleaning of it.   Bring it in with the intention that it is going to be a different energy, a different environment. Only bring what you really are attached to with the positive energy.

When you start off with purchasing new furniture, if you need to buy a new bed, the largest-sized bed you should purchase is a queen size.  Have a strong back headboard attached to it whether it’s fabric or wood, so it gives you a strong support at night.  And only bring things in and purchase things that really sing to you, sing to your heart, give you a positive feeling.

Buy artwork that you enjoy. When you bring the energy in, it has to be something that you love. It’s all about you. If you’re splitting the care between the two houses for the kids and they will be staying with you, make sure that they feel the same way about their space.

Everyone needs a space of their own and let the children help design and decorate. Let them put their artwork up on the wall that they enjoy. Let them be a part of that decorating experience for the new place because they need to feel that this is also their home.  A lot of times, if it’s a split custody arrangment, and they don’t feel an ownership to the space, they’re not going to feel comfortable there.

It doesn’t all have to be done at once. You don’t have to completely fill up your house the day you move in. You can do it gradually. Obviously there are some things that need to be done right away like a bed and stuff in the kitchen but a lot of the rest of the house can come gradually when you find the proper things to put in.

Buy very good quality, inexpensive starter furniture and then you can get more expensive as you want. IKEA furniture is very good quality and the  store has a good feel to it.  Start with the basics of what you need. The bedroom gets taken care of right off the bat because that is where you’re resting and recovering. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re not going to have a good day.

Then you want a place to just chill, which could be the living room. Find a good piece of furniture that you can chill.  If it’s not a sofa, it’s a loveseat or something that makes it feels a little bit cozier than just one chair.

Then an area rug also would help until you get your furniture set up and all that.  An area rug sort of holds the place.

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