Quiz: Are You A Match Made In Heaven?

planetary personality
Love, Self

What's your planetary personality and how does it affect your love life? Take this quiz to find out!

6. Your way out of a relationship is to:
a. Write them a goodbye letter. (It's too painful to break up in person. I just hate confrontations!)
b. Send them a text on my way out of town — why drag it out?
c. Make sure I meet someone else first.
d. Tell them all the ways they need to improve before you can be in a relationship together.

7. How could an ex-lover get you back?
a. If they really needed me.
b. If they started dating someone who was better looking and more successful than I am.
c. If they showed up with some serious bling and a romantic poem.
d. I never go back. When I'm done, I'm done.

8. How do you know when you're in love?
a. I can't stop weeping. 
b. A person can hold my attention for more than five minutes.
c. I'd (almost) rather see them than go to a killer party.
d. I find myself strangely … um … what's the word? Oh yeah, emotional.      

9. Your favorite way to get "up close and personal" is:
a. Snuggling by a roaring fire, giving each other long massages …
b. Fooling around for hours.
c. Luring them to my boudoir — complete with perfumed candles, high thread-count sheets and me wearing something skimpy and expensive …
d. That's private. What kind of a quiz is this?

10. To you, the purpose of romantic relationships is:
a. To bring meaning to my life.
b. To have a companion in all of my adventures.
c. To have fun — isn't that what everything is for?
d. To help me accomplish all I can.

11. Your favorite famous couple is:
a. Bill and Melinda Gates: they're doing so much for those who need it most.
b. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn: they're such dynamos.
c. Brad and Angie: the most stunning couple ever.
d. Famous couples are silly. They all break up anyway. I don't care.

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