The Sky is Falling - Astrology Tip of the Week

Do you remember that cute childhood story of a chicken named Henny Penny who was hit on the head with an acorn, and became utterly convinced (and terrified) that the sky was falling? 

(I don't know about you - but I was actually in a children's theatre musical about it all when I was about ten.)  

Poor Henny ran around frantic and upset, warning his friends that they were totally doomed, leading them to also FREAK OUT, causing all sorts of trials and tribulations for them all...  

For nothing.  

Well, what you probably didn't know was that:  

* The story originated hundreds - perhaps thousands - of years ago in India.  

* Henny Penny (also known as Chicken Little) was originally a rabbit.  

* It's an astronomical tale.  

How so?  

Well, there's a little something I've written about called "the precession of the equinoxes" - an astronomical occurrence that was very confusing to ancient cultures.  

What causes the "precession of the equinoxes" (a term known by virtually anyone that's ever taken Astronomy 101) is the fact that the earth is spinning very quickly on its axis in one direction, but wobbling very slightly in the other.  

(Similar to what happens when you spin a child's toy - a top - it zips in one direction, but slowly wobbles in the other...)  

This slight wobbling causes the position of the earth to oh-so-slowly shift backwards in relation to the heavens.  

If you were to do nothing every night but watch the night sky and make copious notes of the positions of the planets and stars and constellations (which is what ancient priests and astrologers apparently used to do!), over years you would notice that these lights in the sky slowly drifted from where they used to be...  

These early astronomers mistook this to think that - you guessed it – the sky was falling, and everything on earth was therefore doomed.  

But really it was just a safe, normal, natural phenomenon that was of no harm to anything or anyone whatsoever.  

That's right - it was a big fat misunderstanding that needlessly caused a whole lot of worry and anxiety.  

(And it still does! You see, Western astrology acknowledges this astronomical occurrence but does not adjust for "precession" in their calculations, insisting over the centuries that the planets and stars are all in the same places they were thousands of years ago…

While Vedic astrology DOES, causing the two systems to have different dates for when the signs begin and end, and causing all kinds of disagreement amongst astrologers...  

This is the reason - you may recall - an astronomer came out a year ago and insisted that the signs had "switched" and that everyone was looking at the "wrong signs," causing a massive media firestorm and FaceBook freakout... and is why your chart is so different from one system to the next. But I digress!)  

Basically, like Henny Penny, these learned yet uninformed men simply didn't know what they didn't know - and didn't have all the information they needed.  

So they drew their conclusions on the limited knowledge they had – and FREAKED OUT.  

For nothing.  

So the next time you FREAK OUT about something - a job you don't get, a true love you haven't yet met, or the fact that you're single a tad longer than you expected (which you're just sure means you're DOOMED) think of that little acorn that caused so much alarm, and consider this...  

You, like Henny Penny, are part of something far greater than yourself.  

You are working within a system governed by forces much more powerful than your will or understanding.  

(I'm talking about DESTINY here, my dear...)  

That job you didn't get or man who let you down may not be the END OF IT ALL.  

Maybe it means something BETTER wants to happen and is on its way!  

Maybe you simply don't know what you don't know.  

Maybe you need to SIMMER DOWN and stop tormenting yourself (and all your friends).  

Maybe a MIRACLE, just like the miracle of acorns becoming oak trees (which is why acorns fall from oak trees in the first place - to plant themselves into the ground to become another mighty oak tree!) is on its way...  

I happen to believe it is.  

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And may God and His planets and stars (no matter where they appear in the night sky) shower you with love!


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