Mars And Saturn (And Mercury in Retrograde!) Bring The WHAMMY In

Mars And Saturn (And Mercury in Retrograde!) Bring The WHAMMY In

   Have you ever been AFRAID of the stars?
   You know - excited to know what astrology can tell you, but scared at the same time?
   Perhaps you've been worried about things like this:
   Your chart might say that guy you like is all wrong for you...
   Or that this isn't your year...
   Or that trouble is headed your way...
   People say to me all the time, "I'd love to get a reading, but I'm too afraid! You might see something TERRIBLE coming..."
   I get it. It's true, I might.
   But here's the thing...
   It's exactly for that very reason you SHOULD consult the stars.
   Really... if something scary is in your future (or present) it can be incredibly helpful to know!
   You like knowing when it's going to rain so you can bring an umbrella and rain coat, right?
   You'd want to know if a Tsunami was coming so you could get AWAY from the beach, right?
   You'd want to know if an earthquake was about to strike so you could get somewhere safe, (or at least have water and cash and batteries on hand) right?
   The reason you get medical tests like blood work or mammograms is to find out as early as possible if something is wrong, so you can FIX it and avoid MUCH BIGGER problems later.
   Astrology works like that.
   Ignorance is NOT bliss.
   To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
   Which is why I feel I should warn you about what's going on this month, and almost ALL of March...
   Two BAD GUY planets, Saturn and Mars, have just begun "hanging out" together in the same sign (starting Feb. 4th and lasting until March 24th in the sign of Libra).
   Rahu, (aka "The North Node of the Moon) also happens to be in the sign of Libra...
   When Rahu joins other planets, it's said to RAMP UP whatever energies they bring.
   (This is all according to the calculations of Vedic astrology, btw - which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign).
   Here's why this is something that requires an ALARM bell go off to let you know about it... (think of me like you would the weather man or woman right now, letting you know a storm is hitting so you can plan accordingly).
   When Saturn and Mars get together they FRUSTRATE each other.
   Saturn is slow and cautious.
   Mars is fast and impulsive.
   When in the same sign, they contradict and obstruct each other.
   Saturn tries to rein Mars in and slow him down.
   Mars tries to kick Saturn on the backside and speed him up.
   They clash... and smash... making things crash.
   (Okay - it's getting late. I'll try not to do that Dr. Seuss stuff again.)
   My teachers always referred to these two when they get together as "the planets of war."
   Mars sits in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac for just six weeks. (Again - he's speedy.) While Saturn parks in one sign for roughly two and a half years.
   So Mars catches up to Saturn a couple of times a year, making this combination of the two difficult planets getting together in the same place in the night sky not astronomically unusual or special.
   Which is why NASA isn't writing about it in their newsletter this month... (But they sure are talking about that super exciting and successful Mars mission! As my husband likes to say while watching scientists on TV in awe, "Go nerds!")
   And it's not even astrologically all that big of a deal. MOST of the time.
   But THIS time, this month, it's likely going to be more of a problem. 
   Because of Rahu joining them, ramping up the frustration they bring. And because Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde today for the rest of February, causing all kinds of potential mix-ups and misunderstandings... fun, fun.

   And because this is all happening in Libra, the sign of partnership… bringing more stress to all of our relationships.
   When "transits" (the motions of the planets in the sky in relation to a chart) like this trigger important things in your personal chart, it can be a big deal. But, again, KNOWING this ahead of time can help you to prepare for and offset much of the drama.
   Each of us will personally be affected differently - some more than others.
   Some of us will be hammered by it, while others will barely notice.
   Those of us with the Sun, Moon, and rising signs of Libra, Aries, and Capricorn will feel it in a not-so-good way especially (because of Mars and Saturn aspecting - which means to essentially send their energy to those signs most). And those of us with Saturn or Mars ALSO in the sign of Libra. (Like, oh gee, ME!)
   (I ALWAYS mean according to the calculations of Vedic astrology when I say stuff like this - to find out if this is you or someone you love, go to my groovy chart creator page at the link below.
   These influences are ALWAYS the strongest from the Moon sign.
   To figure out your Moon sign, go to the chart page above.
   Here's a tiny thumbnail of what SOME things may be like the for the rest of this month, and most of next