Mark Twain - Astrology Tip Of The Week


   I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to read... and can absolutely disappear into a book.
   Even if it’s as long as the bible.
   When this happens, friends and family and neighbors and clients alike all say,
   "Where the heck is Carol? Why is she not answering any email? Why is she avoiding all calls? Why is she recycling her newsletters and not writing anything new?"
(Okay... I admit it!)
   The last time this happened, I was BURIED in the oh-so-amazing, recently released autobiography of Mark Twain. (It's 736 pages - and it's only Volume 1 of 3!)
   You know - the guy who wrote "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" - books we were all forced to read in grade school, and didn't appreciate for the MASTERPIECES of social commentary and literature they were.
   Well, I can barely remember those books, but his autobiography is amazing... because his life was so incredible.
   And now I can't wait to get my hands on everything else he's ever written.
   I just LOVE this guy...
   Maybe it's because, among his many famous pithy quotes, he said this:
   "If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat."
   And maybe it was because he was a devoted husband and family man, with a long marriage as wonderful as everything else about him...
   (What can I say - I'm a sucker for a man who worships his wife... It's my favorite thing about the man I live with! :))
   It seems I'm not alone in loving Mark Twain.
   Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemens, was the most famous, most celebrated, wealthiest author in his day.
   Not only that, he was essentially the first stand-up comedian, as beloved for his hilarious live readings (which he performed all over the world) as he was for his books.
   And now, 103 years after his death, he's as famous and renowned as ever.
   In fact, just a couple of years ago he was quoted on the back of Tina Fey's #1 best-selling memoir, Bossypants, giving it a rave review. (Of course that was a joke... though he WOULD have loved it if he were still alive.)
   That same year the U.S. Postal Service issued a new Mark Twain postage stamp.
   So why was he so special, so talented, so blessed? And why is his voice and message so lasting?
   Let's go to the astrological vault, shall we?
   According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) Twain was born with the rising sign of Libra, the Sun sign of Scorpio, and the Moon sign of Pisces.
   When I looked up the many impressive "yogas" in his chart in the classic books of Vedic astrology ("yogas" are combinations of planets, signs, and houses that reveal deep truths about a person's life and nature) his chart is full of things like this:
   “Amala Yoga will confer fame lasting as long as the moon and the stars exist. One will be honored by kings, enjoy abundant pleasures, have children, be charitable, fortunate, liberal, and gentle, fond of relatives, helpful to others, prudent, pious, and virtuous."
   All very true...
   Did you catch that part about being famous for as long as the moon and stars exist? Nice...
   Not surprisingly, the planet of writing, Mercury, takes center stage in his chart, being prominent in his rising sign.
   Not only that, but the planet of success, Jupiter, is sitting in his 9th house, the house of publishing.
And his Moon, the astrological indicator of the mind and emotions, is located in a constellation (a smaller sign within the sign of Pisces) associated with Mercury, making him LOVE to read, talk, and communicate in every way.
   He also has something else writers MUST possess.
   Almost ALL of his planets fall on the introverted, introspective side of the chart, making him have the ability and temperament to lock himself away, and retreat into his imagination, and bring forth his work.
   (My writing mentor of many years calls this critical skill "the talent of the room" - the ability to be alone for long periods of time - and has found that without this, no matter how otherwise talented, you can't be a writer. Twain had it in spades!)
   Not only that, but having the Moon in the sign of Pisces, the natural 12th sign, the sign of isolation, also helped.
   In fact, if all you knew about Twain's chart was that he had the Moon in Pisces, you'd know much.
   As I share in my program, "Signs of Compatibility," Pisces is the sign of foreign travel (which he did throughout his life), charity (which he was very generous with), empathy (which he had a great deal of, always willing to point out social injustices, and write from the point of view of the underdog and dispossessed), and financial expenses and losses (which, for a time, almost ruined him and his family).
   When I looked to see what Vedic sign his Moon fell into, I was not at all surprised to see it fell into a constellation called, "Revati" - which is translated to mean "the wealthy."
   It's typical for Revati people to make a great deal of money, mix and mingle with those of high society (Twain was friends with Princes and presidents, inventors and actors... you name it!), travel a great deal (he spent much of his life on the road, and travel is the