John F. Kennedy Jr. - Astrology Tip of The Week...


   The recent fiftieth anniversary of the tragic assasination of JFK of course brought to mind the oh-so-sad ending of his only son, JFK Jr., known by many
as "John John."

   You likely don't need me to remind you that he died fourteen years ago with his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister, Lauren, while he was piloting a small plane that crashed into the ocean, on its way to a family wedding in Martha's Vineyard.

   When I was growing up, a famous question in the cultural lexicon was, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" meaning, of course, John's late father, president John F. Kennedy...

   ...rightly implying that his assassination was such a searingly memorable moment that anyone alive at that time would forever remember just that - where they were when they heard the news.

   For many of us, the question changed to, "Where were you when Kennedy crashed?" being about John and Carolyn - I'll never forget where I was and who I was with when I heard of their tragic accident.

   It was especially bittersweet to us - my husband is also a pilot (something I get nervous about), we were close in age to both of them, and learned their
plane was missing while out to dinner with good friends to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

   It was yet another reminder of how lucky we were, and how quickly life can change... or end.

   There was the golden couple - beautiful, wealthy, wildly popular, young and in love, with everything to live for... gone in a flash.

   Sadder still were the swirling rumors that followed, claiming that things were not what they seemed - that at the time of their deaths John and Carolyn's marriage was coming apart at the seams, that John had recently moved into a hotel to get away from her, that he'd told a friend just days before that she'd become a stranger...

   And who could forget the tell-all book by her former TV star boyfriend claiming their love affair continued well into her marriage with John, and that she'd turned America's most eligible bachelor into it's most desperate and betrayed husband?

   Friends paint a much different picture - saying John and Carolyn were very much in love and had enjoyed a wonderful weekend away just the week before, that they had imminent plans to have children, and that Carolyn was one of the warmest, kindest, most generous people they had ever known.

   Which is it?

   Let's go to the astrological vault, shall we?

   As an astrologer who specializes in the topic of relationships, I'm always fascinated to see what's going on between two people's charts that would compel them to be together in the first place.

   When John and Carolyn first got together, many wondered what this woman who wasn't rich, wasn't from an unusually priviledged background, and wasn't famous had done to capture the heart of the world's most desirable man.

   Who WAS she, and HOW had she accomplished such a feat? And why had other amazing women the world over (including gorgeous movie stars and royalty) failed?

   If we look first at John's chart, some things become clear...

   Since I'm a Vedic astrologer, I'm using the calculations of Vedic astrology here (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign).

   John's chart had MANY women in it... and so did his life.

   He had a girlfriend throughout highschool, a college sweetheart he dated for six years, a five year relationship with actress Daryl Hannah, and interludes in between with others such as Brooke Shields, Madonna, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

   So he was a man always with a woman...
   This can be seen by the Moon being in his seventh house - the house of partnership.

   The Moon shows where we put our emotional focus, and indicates "many." When the Moon is in the part of the chart indicating partnership in a man's chart, it means he'll prefer being in relationships. But it also means he'll have many...

   John has the classic "late bloomer in love" chart, which is why he didn't marry until his mid-thirties, even though he knew great love before.

   This is because he has the planet Venus (which indicates the wife) in the same sign as the planet Saturn (a combo that delays marriage) and the house of partnership both aspected and ruled by the planet Saturn - making it best that he be at least thirty-five before he fully commit himself.

   (I write about late bloomers in love in my ebook, "Love Is In The Stars" as it's so common and explains why so many early marriages fail, and so many great people don't marry until late. To learn more about this phenomenon that affects over half the population and more on the importance of timing in love, check out the book.)

   Some interesting side notes about John's chart - his rising sign was Leo, the natural sign of royalty and rulership, known for attracting a great deal of attention and being loaded with charisma and authority.

   As I explain in my audio program, "Signs of Compatibility," the rising sign has a big impact on how others see you - ESPECIALLY your rising constellation, or SUB-SIGN.

   (In Vedic astrology we look to twenty-seven smaller signs, called constellations or sub-signs, within the signs of the zodiac that give WAY more juicy
detail and specificity...)

   John's rising constellation is called, "Magha" which means "the mighty one."

   Magha people have EXTRA power and magnetic attraction over others. And it's not only associated with royalty, it's symbolized by a king's throne room...

   So John's impact was MIGHTY and he was constantly referred to in Leo-esque, royal ways, as "America's prince..." because of being a Kennedy - but he got attention in a way his sister, Caroline, did not (I don't remember her being constantly called, "America's princess").

   Many hoped he'd become a "ruler" and run for office (a very Leo-esque, Magha pursuit), and he often implied that one day he would (and friends claim