I Got Eclipsed By My Taxes... And The Blood Moon - Yikes!


   I have a confession to make…

   I try to be your source of all things having to do with love… and the stars. (Hence, the name of my brand, Love Is In the Stars… haha.)

   So I try to let you know when there are big things going on in the sky – especially if they could impact your love life.

   But yesterday I kinda blew it…

   I’m sure you heard there was a total eclipse of the Moon last night. (It’s actually happening at this very moment as I type this, but will be over by the time you read this…)

   It was the first of four lunar eclipses over the next year-and-a-half…

   Not only that, it was what’s called a “Blood Moon” – not because it awoke a bunch of vampires or zombies that took over the world (though it might, I haven’t heard - YET), but because the earth’s shadow across the Moon makes the Moon take on a coppery red hue. (Just in case, I’m wearing a necklace of garlic as I write this…)

   In ancient times, eclipses were considered VERY SCARY things… and are still believed to be bad omens. It was recommended NOT to view them, and to either stay safely inside or submerge yourself in the nearest river and chant prayers. (Here in L.A. where the “river” is full of God-only-knows-what chemicals, and litter, this is a bit of an extreme move. We modern astrologers recommend Hot Tubs, or better yet, the nearest spa instead!)

   If you pay attention, you do typically find there is more social unrest, political upheaval, and natural disasters around eclipses. Of course astronomers think this is nuts, and find eclipses fascinating, and would never miss the chance to view one.

   (My neighbor just up the street is a famous astronomer who runs a nearby observatory… I just read online that he’s hosting a viewing party there right now! I’ve shared before that when we finally met last year I told him what I do, and he exclaimed, “Die mortal enemy, die!” I laughed, thinking he was joking, but he didn’t… Months later I found his dog, wandering around and returned her to his house. He seemed glad I was alive to do that when he answered the door in his pj’s for us! But I digress…)

   I had planned all last week to write about this eclipse, and to warn you of what to do and not do this month while these astrological happenings are going on…

   But I got “eclipsed” by preparing my taxes – or, I should say, helping my accountant prepare them (I couldn’t do them myself if my cat’s life depended on it), and so planned to write something at the last minute to send at the end of the day on Monday, before the eclipse occurred.

   In astrology, the Moon indicates the emotions, and women…  In a man’s chart the Moon is an indicator of his wife. This eclipse is at the very beginning of the sign of Libra, the sign of partnership.

   So it has everything to do with relationships…

   So what happened to my grand plan, you ask?

   My husband has a big project that we just found out has to be pushed up an entire month… so I spent today scrambling to help him get it done.

   Do you get that?

   I (being the woman in the house, and his wife) got eclipsed by him… and it just so happens, he’s a Libra. (The sun indicates the man in a woman’s chart, so I’ll be sure to throw off his schedule on the 28th of this month when the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon… ha ha!)

   So that’s my big excuse.

   But here’s the thing… the energy of an eclipse is felt for several days AFTER the fact, so there are suggestions to be followed for a while. Some astrologers say for three days, others say for a week, while I was taught that we’ll see the impact of an eclipse for a month for every hour of the eclipse (making this one important for the next four and a half months).

   So see? There’s plenty of time to tell you what’s going on…

  If you have significant placements in the sign of Cancer (the Moon’s sign) or Libra (the sign of the eclipse) you may be feeling a bit draggy, or even sick now.

   Try to take it easy, if you can… you should bounce back later this week.

   Your “light” has been blocked, that’s all.

   It can also be interesting to see what house in your chart is impacted by an eclipse… In Vedic astrology we care more about the rulers of signs and houses (the terms used for the twelve different sections of a chart), than the signs and houses themselves. Since the Moon “rules” the sign of Cancer, it can be interesting to see what happens with the areas of life indicated by that house in your chart.

    Wanna see what house that is for you?  Or, wanna find out if you have the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in the sign of Cancer or Libra? Or, especially if you have any planets in the early degrees of Libra?

   Then go here and run your chart now.

   Check to see in the “Planetary Details Box” below the two charts. Look to see what you have in Cancer or Libra, if anything.

   Then, look to the chart on the right (the two charts are the same chart in two different formats, South Indian on the left, North Indian on the right…).

   Find “Ca” for Cancer, and make a note of the number in that section of the chart.

   That’s the number of the “house” that the Moon rules in  your chart… and that house is impacted by a Lunar eclipse, too.

   Here are the areas of life each house indicates:

The first house: Your health, your appearance, your childhood (years one – ten).
The second house: Your family of origin, your income and the ways you earn it, your relationship to food
The third house: Your younger siblings, your neighbors and colleagues, your creative projects (writing and performing and music, especially)
The fourth house: Your vehicles, home and tangible property, your mother or mother figures
The fifth house: Your children, games and play, spiritual studies
The sixth house: Competitors, adversaries, legal battles, health problems
The seventh house: Partnership, the public
The eighth house: Support from others, unearned money (inheritance, commissions, loans)
The ninth house: Bosses, mentors, spiritual teachers, your father or father figures, foreign travel
The tenth house: Career and professional pursuits
The eleventh house: Friends, older siblings, groups and organizations
The twelfth house: Sleep, distant foreign lands and islands, expenses, places of retreat (hospitals, clinics, monasteries, ashrams, etc.)

   Because the “ruler” of that house was just “blocked” with the light essentially “snuffed out,” you may find that part of your life is more challenging, or less active for a while… (Though it may not affect ALL areas that house is “in charge of” – just one may experience it).

   So, if it’s your first house (like me!), you may have less energy, or may need to make an extra effort to look your best. (I’ve been sleeping like a drunken sailor lately, and looking about as attractive…)

   If it’s your second house, you may feel like your diet has gotten unhealthy, or that your income has slowed down a little.

   If it’s your fourth house, your home may need repairs, or your mother may be going through a tough time.

   If it’s your seventh house, your partner may need more TLC, or suffer some sort of setback.

   If it’s your tenth house, your career may have a temporary slow-down, or stall.

   Get it?

   My hubby has the Moon “ruling” his eleventh house (friends), and his best friend is in a big crisis, and their relationship is more tense, too…

   This stuff works.

   But this, too, shall pass!

   Whatever is going on with you and your loved ones, know that with awareness, you can make the best of things.

   The gift of eclipses is that they take us to a deeper, more internal place, and they force us to slow down…

   I don’t share this stuff to cause you more worry or concern (eclipses make us all more sensitive, so that’s the last thing you need me to do!), but instead to help you understand what’s going on, and pay more attention (and stop taking it personally).

   Because the Moon is the emotions, and Libra is the sign of partnership, be careful with your relationships now. This isn’t a great time to make big decisions or commitments, or to meet someone new that could last. Even though Spring has sprung, and you might be feeling feisty, it’s better to wait until next month to decide to break up or get serious with anyone…  See if you still want to later on.

   (Next month Venus, the planet of love, will be in its favorite sign most of the month, and Mars will go “direct” again, so things will look way up…)

   And, on the work front, try to lay low this month, and put off any  big “launches” or new projects. This is a better time for spiritual pursuits than material, and for evaluating and completing things than beginning them.

   This is an excellent time to get more organized, and let go of things no longer serving you (or no longer supportive ways of being, people and circumstances, too).

   My most cynical friends ALL become believers once they hang out with me long enough (if the astronomer up the street would give me a chance, I could convince him, too!). The power of the planets and stars is uncanny, and so helpful!

   Phew… as for me, I’m going to go cuddle a cat and my hubby, and try to sleep through the vampire/zombie apocalypse… (Did I just type that out loud?)

   If you never find this blog post, it means it didn’t go so well…

   In the meantime, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!


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