Happy (Belated) Eightieth Birthday, Gloria Steinem


How Gloria Steinem, a female activist, has helped shape the future of girls all around the world

So, I thought I was going to write about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s engagement, or Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s pregnancy, or Gwyneth and Chris’ sad split, and then I realized Gloria Steinem turned 80 yesterday. I’m sorry, but I just have to take a pause in our "regular" programming to acknowledge Ms. Steinem… (and the fact that March is Women’s History Month). Her astrological stars also back up her success (her activism, writing success, late life marriage, love of animals, and nomadic ways are all easily seen in her chart!).

I just finished a fantastic book on success that was a massive best-seller in 2011, Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. If you haven’t read it, you really should. It argues that no one is ever truly "self-made" — that even the very successful among us (Mozart, Rockefeller, Bill Gates, the Beatles) are a product of a combination of forces that, when combined with luck and hard work, create successful results. Family lineage, inherited cultural attitudes, technological advances, the year (and sometimes month) of your birth, and more all impact what opportunities come your way, and have proven to be more important than your natural ability and even if you have "genius" intelligence. It makes perfect sense, and I’ve suspected as much… (given, of course, that the successful person ALSO have the astrological mojo to do what they end up doing…)

I say it all the time – we are SO lucky, as modern (Western) women, to live at such a time as this. Think about it. We can…

  • be whatever we want
  • date whoever we want (male or female, of any race, religion or ethnicity)
  • marry or stay single (live with someone –  without having to wear a “scarlet letter” on our chests, or endure public scorn)
  • get a divorce, and marry again if we want to
  • have children or not (and have reproductive options – contraception, fertility treatments, sperm donors, and even surrogates!) to help us if necessary, not to mention access to safe, legal abortions
  • buy and sell property
  • engage in legal battles

These everyday occurrences were all but unheard of not so long ago and are STILL not enjoyed by many of our "sisters" around the world. The lifelong work of a woman like Gloria Steinem has everything to do with why so many of us enjoy such freedoms today. 

The biggest change to daily life in the last century in the West has been the massively altered role of women. I had a traditional housewife mother who did all of the housework, typed all of my father’s correspondence, threw amazing dinner parties on a weekly basis, and became a secretary when I went off to school (because for women of her generation, you were pretty much either a secretary, nurse, or school teacher)…but she had the heart of a feminist. She was passionate about women’s rights, and instilled in my sister and me the belief that we could be anything we wanted, and she made tremendous sacrifices to ensure we got the education no one provided for her.

For Christmas she’d routinely get us the books of Gloria Steinem, and when we were old enough, a subscription to the magazine she’d co-founded, Ms. Magazine. I quickly became a fan of Gloria’s wisdom and wit, and even went onto to write a screenplay that was essentially a big love letter to her. So, what gave Gloria the "celestial mojo" to become "the mother of the women’s movement" and to lead such an amazing, long life? Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), Gloria was born when the Sun was in Pisces, the Moon was in Cancer, and the rising sign was Libra. Interestingly, the most "feminine" of influences in the chart, the Moon (also associated with "motherhood"), is taking center stage in her career house… in a constellation called "Pushya" which is noted for being the most auspicious of the twenty-seven original Vedic signs, and one of the most charitable and philanthropic.

Wherever the Moon falls in a chart, indicates what a person most focuses on. Not surprisingly, having the Moon in her career house is in part why Gloria was always first and foremost a career woman. Her sun falls in her sixth house, the house of conflict and adversity, and legal battles, and is just a few degrees away from Mars, the planet of "war" and strategy. So, even though it’s in the peace loving sign of Pisces, being in the sixth house with Mars is what makes her a lifelong activist, willing to roll up her sleeves and get in the trenches to fight battles — many of them legal ones, overturning unfair laws.

Her Sun is in a constellation of Pisces called “Uttara Bhadrapada” which is also one of the most selfless of the twenty-seven Vedic signs (Bill Gates, now known for his philanthropy as much as his software empire has the Moon here). The motivation of this constellation is to "nourish the world." Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by the planet Saturn, the most serious, committed, and disciplined of the planets, and also the most isolating, which is in part why — even though she’s reported to have had many long, loving relationships with men, and had one short marriage (at the age of 66!) she’s spent most of her life single, and she’s always been a deeply serious, hard worker.

One can’t help but be blown away by a quick read of her bio — the woman has been BUSY for the last eighty years… she written numerous books, founded several organizations, sits on various boards, and is seemingly constantly travelling the world, speaking and organizing.(The Vedic diety associated with her Moon constellation is the “lord of sacred speech.”)

Gloria has the classic “late bloomer in love” chart, as well as the chart of someone who would be in unconventional relationships. This can be seen from the planet of love, Venus, being in a Saturn sign, the sign of Capricorn (Saturn delays things until the second half of life), with Rahu, an eclipse point. (Rahu is the indicator of things that are “counter-cultural,” abnormal, and foreign). This Venus/Rahu combo explains, in part, her tremendous compassion for the LGTGQ community, and why – when she did finally marry – it was to a foreigner. In fact, I just discovered while researching this, that the main reason she married her husband, David Bale (father of movie star, Christian Bale – of “Batman” and “American Hustle” fame) was that, as a British citizen, he needed a green card to be able to live with her.

Their charts are perfectly suited, getting a “perfect” score in the “Right Man Report”  – sadly, their marriage was short-lived. He died of brain cancer after three short years together in 2003, just as she began the most painful “Cycle of Saturn” – the one when we are most likely to lose the love and support of people who mean the most to us… ugh. I could go on and on about how perfectly her chart fits her life — she had a mentally ill mother who was in and out of mental hospitals, and a father she adored but who ultimately left the family, leaving her to live with her unstable mother in her teens.

Saturn is in the same sign as Mercury, however, the planet of writing and the media (in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of communications and the press), making her happy to put all of her Saturn focus on her writing, speaking, and numerous media appearances. Now, as amazing as all of that may sound, it’s superficial stuff compared to looking at what are called “Yogas” – the combinations of planets, signs, and houses, that are far more important when trying to understand the fullness of a person’s nature, character, talents, and life events. To be famous, beloved, and successful to the level of a Gloria Steinem, you have to have super powerful yogas…I took a look at her “fame” yogas, and they were utterly amazing, involving every planet in her chart. (I’ve only seen that before in the cases of Marilyn Monroe, and Einstein). 

So, Gloria isn’t just famous — she’s an icon, who will be remembered long after this long life of hers is over… and who’s work will have lasting impact through the ages…

 The results of two of her most fortunate yogas are worth a mention, Kahala "Large Drum" Yoga and Parvata "Mountain" Yoga (I’d explain how they show up, but it’s almost too complicated for me to follow — here’s the part that matters):

  • "One will be learned, of high moral training, energetic, adventurous, handsome, charming, well-balanced, obedient, having the best pleasures of life.”
  • "Doing acts causing eternal benefit, one will have everlasting wealth and happiness, and become the lord of the Earth."

 Nice, huh? So, Gloria is an "outlier" in the sense that she’s that rarest of creatures — a person who’s life has truly stood out amongst an ocean of mere mortals, whose work has mattered deeply to the lives of millions, and who has enjoyed the power and privileges of being a social icon…

Malcolm Gladwell would argue that she came of age at a critical time amongst like-minded colleagues, in a country undergoing tremendous cultural transformation, that she had the benefit of an education at an intellectual, women’s university (Smith), and a grandmother who was the president of a women’s suffrage organization (and even addressed Congress). Although this is all true… it was also all in the stars!

I hope Gloria had a wonderful birthday (she apparently spent the day riding elephants in Botswana), and another powerful decade making the world a better place. As for me, I’m just beyond amazed to be a modern, Western WOMAN Vedic astrologer, able to communicate with amazing women like you through the magic of technology, and to make my own living while being married to the man I chose (and proposed to!)… many things unheard of and impossible even thirty years ago. Oh, how I wish my wonderful mother could see me now!

So, the next time you’re frustrated that you have to go on “one more date” or make more effort to “meet more men” or that you have to face a challenging decision (should you get a divorce? Freeze your eggs? Take out a loan?) think of Gloria and all the women who’ve fought so hard over the years so that you can have the luxury of your annoyances…

Until next time (yes, we’ll get to all that Hollywood drama)… may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

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