Gwyneth and Chris - GOOPY Astrology Tip of the Week...

Buzz, Heartbreak

Man, poor Gwyneth Paltrow…

   She’s probably the most beloved, hated woman in America.

   Everything she does is either celebrated or trashed… never does she seem to garner a lukewarm response.

   Last Spring Gwyneth was named People’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” the same week she was named by Star magazine as the “Most Hated Celebrity.”

   What gives? And why would she divorce the talented, adorable front man of one of the greatest bands of our time (IMHO)?

   (If they could agree to name their children “Apple” and “Moses” they should be able to get through anything, right?)

   Are the rumors true? Is Gwyneth a cheater? Is Chris? Have they been merely “pretending” to be a couple for years, for the sake of the kids and careers? Or is marriage just “so hard” as Gwyneth has said many times over the years?

   Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

   One look at Gwyneth’s chart, and it’s easy to see why she’s such a strong personality, leaving such a strong impression on people.

    On the “good” side: According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign), Gwyneth was born when almost every planet, including the Sun, Moon, and rising sign, was in a feminine sign.

   This typically makes a woman extremely confident, attractive, and alluring… She’ll dress beautifully and take great care of herself, all things Gwyneth is known for.

   Even better, her chart has the Moon in the sign of Taurus, the Moon’s very favorite sign, in a Vedic constellation called “Rohini” which means “Queen of the Constellations.”

   Rohini is considered the favorite of the Moon’s 27 Vedic signs, and one of the best for marriage.

   In fact, there’s a beautiful ancient myth that says the Moon was married to each of the twenty-seven  signs, and spent one night a month visiting each “wife.” His favorite, though, was Rohini, because she was so beautiful, such a snappy dresser and skilled cook, a talented musician, hostess, and goddess of “the conjugal arts” (wink, wink). (All things Gwyneth is associated with…)

   So, really, why would the Moon need any of his other wives at all? He didn’t… so he’d choose to stay with Rohini and reject his other wives. The other “brides” of the Moon became jealous and went to their “father” (one of the Gods) and he cast a spell on the Moon to become sick every month, but recover.

   This is how ancient peoples explained the waxing and waning of the Moon every month… cute story, eh?

   Now, as is the case with most myths, there’s an element of truth to it. People born with something significant (the Sun, Moon, or rising sign) placed in Rohini will experience the jealousy of others sharply.

   And this has certainly been the case for Gwyneth… but that’s not the only reason for all the brouhaha constantly surrounding her.

   In Vedic astrology Gwyneth is a Virgo. In fact, she has three planets there, the Sun, Mars, and Mercury (and Pluto and Uranus, if you count the outer planets).

   Virgo is the sign of holistic health, perfectionism, and writing, among other things…

   Having so much of the chart fall into the sign of Virgo explains why Gwyneth is a fitness freak/ macrobiotic  yoga girl… as well as the writer and publisher of a luxury lifestyle and travel website, and seems to have everything so together.

   But it’s also the sixth sign, the sign of conflict and adversity.

   All those planets in Virgo are sitting in Gwyneth’s seventh house, the house of the public.

   When a person has Mars, the planet of anger, irritation, and hostility with the Sun, and in the house of the public, they are often at war with others. (The chart of the United States has this, by the way, and is in part to blame for why the U.S. never garners a lukewarm response from the rest of the world, either, and has been at war far more years than we’ve enjoyed peace – 216 out of our 237 years, to be exact… sigh…)

   The seventh house is the house of partnership, and having those many planets in that one corner of the chart is part of why Gwyneth has had seemingly back to back (and perhaps overlapping) relationships…

   (I don’t know if you remember that far back, but before she was married she seemed to always be involved with someone, including Hollywood heartthrobs Brad Pitt, Luke Wilson, and Ben Affleck.  It’s easy to see why she’d be a target of jealousy with this list, eh?)

   I fully expect Gwyneth to always have her choice of amazing men – and not just because she’s beautiful and famous… The planet of partners and husbands (Jupiter) is in one of its favorite signs in her chart, Sagittarius, in her 10th house (the career house), blessing her with tons of Jupiter Mojo.

   In fact, this is one of five “Maha Parusha Yogas” (Great Personality Yogas) that indicates big success… and bless a person to have a lot of luck, wealth, wisdom, and all around good fortune.

   Interestingly (given the rumors) this powerful Jupiter – along with Rohini – is noted to cause a high sexual appetite, and an intensely passionate nature… not only that, Jupiter falls into a constellation called Mula, which is unconventional and independent, happy to break conventions and norms, even if people don’t like it…

   The planet of love and romance, Venus, falls in Cancer in Gwyneth’s fifth house, with Ketu (a mathematically calculated eclipse point, also known as “the South node of the Moon”). One of my early teachers called the Venus/Ketu combination “unbounded