Eclipse of the Sun Yesterday - Watch Out Aries and Leo...


  April’s stars have been very intense... and the “capper” was yesterday.

   Yesterday was an “annular” solar eclipse.
   (We just had a total Lunar eclipse on April 15th. They usually come in pairs like that.)

   According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) this eclipse occurs in the middle of the sign of Aries.

   That said, if you have something significant in your chart in the sign of Aries (in Vedic astrology, that is) - your Sun, Moon, or rising sign especially, you may find you have less energy or are more sensitive now and have been since the Lunar eclipse.

   (Or if your Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign is Leo. Leo is "ruled" by the Sun - so it's as though the power source of Leos is being blocked right now...)

   This is typical in the week building up to an eclipse, and the few days that follow.

   (To determine if this could be YOU and why you're feeling extra droopy now, go here.) 

   From our perspective here on earth, during a solar eclipse the Moon "lines up with" and, therefore, obscures the sun. Sometimes it does this perfectly, causing a total eclipse of the Sun, and sometimes it does so only partially, causing a partial eclipse.

   (You see, amazingly, the sun is 400 times the size of the moon, but is also 400 times as far away, so the moon appears to perfectly block the sun's light.

   Scientists call this the "grand coincidence.") 

   When an “annular” solar eclipse occurs such as this one, the Moon is too far away from the earth, it doesn’t exactly completely block the sun, but instead makes it appear as though there’s a “ring of fire” around the Moon...

   (Cue the Johnny Cash song right about now...)

   So, instead of “day turning to night” like during a total solar eclipse, there’s a fiery disk in the sky...

   Yesterday’s spectacle of the Sun’s light being blocked will only be truly visible from Antarctica... and, the length of the entire eclipse will be a few hours, the “ring of fire” will only be visible for less than a minute. 

   A bit of shadow from the Moon onto the Sun can be seen in Australia and some of its nearby islands.
   Since the Sun represents governments and leaders in astrology, when there’s an eclipse it’s thought to indicate a “shadow” or “block” to those things, and especially so in the places in which an eclipse is visible.

   So even though they are visually amazing to behold, it’s actually a good thing that most of the world won’t see it... and that the populated places that do see it won’t see much of it.

   The planet Mercury joins the eclipse (connecting with Ketu, an eclipse point), too – causing possible challenges to communications, electronics, weather, and travel for the week following the eclipse, so take care in all of these areas (avoid confrontations and fighting, expect unexpected weather patterns to be especially dramatic, and take extra precautions while traveling...)

   Because Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, those of us with key placements in these signs may ALSO be feeling extra sensitive and “out of gas” at this time... (To see if that’s possibly YOU in Vedic astrology, go here).   
   Because this eclipse is in the sign of Aries and includes Mercury, astrologers expect more negative upheaval in terms of communications, electronics, technology, and travel – all thing under Mercury’s rule.

   As for what we individuals should consider, it's not recommended to start anything new of great importance within two weeks of an eclipse.

   Don't make any major decisions personally or professionally, try not to sign any big contracts (also under Mercury’s influence), and watch out for feeling way more sensitive than usual...

   If you know your astrology chart, an eclipse will especially affect the part of your chart the eclipse connects to... (especially the degree – if you have anything within three degrees of 15 Aries, pay attention to that...)

   In other words, the house which holds the sign of Aries, and any planets you may have there. 

   As I said above, those of us with Gemini, Virgo, Leo, or Aries as our Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign will be the most impacted by this eclipse.

   For close personal relationships, watch out...

   The sun has a lot to do with important MEN in your life - your father, your boss, or your main fella...

   So do yourself a favor and put off any big decisions with any of them - or any big talks about "tough" topics. They probably won't go so well now...

   Besides, they're feeling extra sensitive now, too, after all.

   So, what should you do?

   Eclipses are considered an excellent time for inner reflection.

   You know - meditation, contemplation, yoga, chanting, spiritual practices, or getting more organized.

   Just put off any business launches, contract signings, major purchases (like real estate, vehicles, large loans, etc.) signing up for internet dating, going on blind dates, and the like, until after all this has passed. 

     (Mid-May the timing for such things is excellent – and May 17th is an especially gorgeous day astrologically... I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming newsletter...)

   Because this is a time to be more contemplative and supportive of others in your personal life, this is an excellent time to learn how to make the most of your relationships...

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   And may God and His planets and stars (and His sun and moon) shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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