Drop Your Excuses For Being Single And Make Love Happen!

Dating: Women And Their Single Life Blues
  • Are you single but don't want to be?
  • Do you claim that love is the most important thing to you in life, but hardly go out, and almost never date?
  • Are you feeling powerless about love, like you have no choice but to wait until some magical force outside of you deems you worthy, and sends love at last?

   As a relationship coach, for years now I've been just amazed at how many fantastic women are single and don't want to be. These women often have been single for years but they don't seem to have any insight into what to do about it. So year after year their lives are almost the same as the year before. One year seems to smoothly (make that DULLY) roll into the next, and not much changes. They still almost NEVER date, they still aren't getting much attention from men at all (or only the WRONG attention), and they still are HOPING that I'll see HIM in their astrology chart this time.

  Sigh... it's one of the hardest parts of doing what I do because I know that my clients are looking to me for good news. However, I can't always give it. It's NOT because it's not in the chart, but instead more so because the women who are PERPETUALLY single, or always falling for one bad guy after another, can't be magically "fixed" by the stars.

  What she needs to do can be "illuminated" by the stars. Her chart can and always does reveal what's up with her endlessly single status —what's beneath it and causing it...

  But her life is not going to CHANGE because of what the stars are doing. So, "what's the solution", you ask?

  She has to be WILLING to take the insights her chart reveals as to what's stopoing her from making more effort, and then DO THE WORK in the REAL WORLD to create more love in her life.

  In my experience, most women aren't WILLING to do that. They aren't WILLING to take matters into their own hands in the RIGHT way. They think it has to come from that force OUTSIDE themselves. Now, don't get me wrong. They often think they're making the effort. They tell me, "Oh, I've internet dated. It didn't work for me!" But then admit that they only did it for two months and only met three men.

 ( What would your career would be like if you only sent your resume out once to three companies and then decided you were "cursed" to be jobless and broke?)

 They also say, "Oh, I go out ALL THE TIME and I NEVER meet anyone I like." However, upon reflection it's clear that they only go out with their already married friends and NEVER talk to anyone they don't know.

 Oh lets not forget this one: They're looking for love and meeting men constantly, but then reveal that they NEVER go to the kinds of places the kind of man they want would be, meeting only the kinds of men they DON'T want, because those are the environments they're always putting themselves in.

 These women are running on a hamster wheel of romantic exhaustion, and not getting anywhere. Year... after year... after year...

So they come to see me, because they're waiting for some COSMIC FORCE to BLESS them with some transformative VIBES and make everything effortlessly just the way they want it to be with the perfect man for them. (You know the story? — the prince rides up to their front door and rings the bell with flowers in one hand and an engagement ring in the other.) Now, here's what's tough...

Once in a while they DO effortlessly run into a guy they like who DOES pursue them. But because it's been so long since anyone has, and they've grown tired of waiting for something to happen, they're so hopeful that FINALLY this could be HIM, they make poor choices. They get to know the man slowly, or really make sure that they can trust him before they do. And then — inevitably they get squished, and go back to making little or no effort (or the wrong KIND of effort),hoping that the STARS have it all under control.

 I've gotten so heartbroken watching otherwise healthy, successful, loving women go through this again and again, that I've gone on a mission to find the best answers for them. And along the way, I've met the most wonderful experts who have the same mission, and have dedicated their lives to helping singles find their ideal match and achieveing the "happily ever after."

 And my dear friends, happily married love coaches, Orna and Matthew Walters, have gotten a bunch of us together to help you stop the madness.

 For the next few weeks, every day, they are interviewing an expert live to help you "Create Love On Purpose." It's called "The Love On Purpose Revolution", and it will tell you everything you need to know (and do) to turn your single situation around, and get the mate that's right for you.

 If you're perpetually single, or if you only seem to fall for Bozo after Bozo, and want to have the love of your life, come and stay. Get off this vicious merry-go-round of misery, and do yourself a favor by joining us.

  I don't care how much you've been hurt or how much you've done that hasn't worked… I just know the answer you need can still be found, and that this line-up of top, love-changing experts, authors, and coaches can help with whatever's holding you back.

  Whether you need more confidence from a make-over, a hypnosis to heal your subconscious fears, help writing a dating profile, or a winning strategy to ramp up your "sexy time" skills, this awesome group (that I'm so honored to be a part of) can help!

   Don't wait for love to come by accident —get ready to become the master of your own destiny, and have it happen ON PURPOSE.

   Remember, "fortune favors the bold"… I'll "see" you there! Now, I'm not trying to be dramatic, and I'm not trying to scare you. I just really want you to get how big this is.

  Think if you had an illness and didn't know it —but that it was ROBBING you of having a great life. You had no energy to do what you wanted to do. You were depressed. You were hard to be around for others;Your ability to carry out the actions that would lead to success in your job, or finances, or social life was severely weakened.

  So you tried vitamins but they didn't help. You cleaned up your diet, giving up sugar, alcohol, and fried food, but still you felt terrible. You started working out like crazy, but it seemed to make no difference.

  And then —a miracle.
You found out that your problem was HORMONAL and no diet, exercise program, or vitamin in the world was going to help you —only balancing your hormones would. And if you were able to do this ,your energy would be great, your mood would be happy, your friends and family would love to be around you again, and you'd be able to pursue all your goals.

 That's what it's like when you find the answer that's right for you. You can try to DO all kinds of things to find a mate: internet date, join singles groups, get everyone and their mother to set you up, seek therapy, hire a coach..

...BUT if you aren't doing WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU, and what's needed to heal and align with your specific issues, then all of that effort won't work...

   You must get the key to it all at last. Don't let another year go by without the love of a great relationship with a great partner, if that's what you want. Stop running on that hamster wheel. And PLEASE stop avoiding the topic altogether, thinking that love is somehow for OTHER people, because you've been cursed by the Universe to die alone. According to statics, in the U.S. 95% of us get married so sorry—you're NOT that special that the universe is "singling" you out —pardon the pun!

  Believing that love is not for you is simply a nice "cop out" because you've been hurt, or are scared, or don't want to "stick your neck out" again. I get it. I really I do and I don't blame you at all. I just know you can have more! And all of us in the Love on Purpose Revolution sincerely want to help.

I can't wait to help you change your love life, and get the RIGHT romantic prescription at last. It's all right here.

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