The Best Sign For You To Be With

The Best Sign For You To Be With
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Learn how to use zodiac signs to determine the success of your relationships.

Have you ever felt so instantly drawn to a man that you hoped something romantic would happen with him? (Who hasn't?) In first chatting and having a great time with him did you then try to find out his sign, just to be sure that the stars were smiling upon your bright, shiny future? When you figured out his sign, did you think, "Oh no! Bob was a Leo and a big jerk. I can't do that again! Forget it…" Only to quickly excuse yourself and never see him again? Do yourself a big favor and CUT THAT OUT immediately!

This letter from a reader illustrates why:

Hi Carol, I recently met a lovely man, a Gemini. I am a Taurus! I didn't know he was a Gemini until about the third date. We got on so well and had a beautiful connection. When he told me he was a Gemini, my heart sank. I managed to find out his date/time of birth and I sent for your report. When the report arrived it told me everything I felt already, that we were compatible. It was great how it told me about any possible problems, of which there are few. We have a fantastic wavelength score! It got me thinking and I wondered how many women join dating sites and dismiss men because they are the wrong sign. I wish your work was more widely known. There must be so many women missing out on potential happiness because of misinformation. Your report put my mind at rest. Instead of worrying about the so-called pitfalls and problems of a Taurus/Gemini combination, I'm concentrating on the beauty of my new relationship with a wonderful man. I have the biggest smile on my face as I write this because I am so in love. Thank you again. Much love to you. Anna Keep reading...

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