3 Valentines Day Lessons My Kids Taught Me

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Love, Heartbreak

Surprisingly, children understand love better than their parents.

Typically, when you hurt the people you love, they're not so quick to forgive. There are many families that hold grudges for years over some family feud. I've found that children are able to "let go" more easily when their feelings are hurt. It's as if forgiveness is second nature.

Children are resilient. The biggest tragedy could happen one day and by the next morning they've moved on. My wish is for you to do the same in your life, when it comes to forgiveness and moving on from life's challenges.

3. The importance of playtime. My children are very quick to remind me when there isn't enough playtime. I'll be sitting in my home office typing away or doing some research when my son will interrupt me and say, "Mom, you never play with me." The minute the words leave his mouth and they reach my ears, I drop everything and focus all my energy on him.

Wow, I think to myself. My 8-year-old is recognizing the fact that he is not the most important person in the room; my computer is. Just being in the same room as a loved one is not considered quality time. One on one interaction with your partner doing and sharing an activity or participating in a shared interest is spending quality time with that person.