First Date Don’ts – Top 5 Things You Should NEVER Do


You should consider a few of the first date don'ts to help you pass this first stage of dating.

First Date Don’ts #5 - Don’t talk about deep subject matters

Don’t talk about deep subject matters like past traumatic life experiences or sour grapes with an ex. It's important that you keep in mind a first date should be light and fun. It is not an opportunity to have verbal diarrhea and treat this person sitting across from you as a therapist. I have heard countless singles describe their first date experience as horrible because all the other person did was "complain". I don't know about our readers, but I don't even like it when my close family and friends complain. A first date with a person I am just getting to know should not be using the date as an opportunity to vent. I guarantee it's a sure sign to the exit of that date and any future possibilities.

First Date Don'ts are key points to remember to help you with your dating success. Always have a positive attitude with your approach to dating. It takes time to get to know someone and it may be a process. Having said that, you can't get to step two, unless you get through step 1 with flying colors! Good luck and have fun!

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This article was originally published at Dating Love and Sex Tips . Reprinted with permission from the author.