3 Relationship Dilemma’s When Searching For Your SoulMate [EXP]

3 Relationship Dilemma’s When Searching For Your SoulMate [EXP]
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Have you ever considered the downside to searching for your soul mate? Let's explore them shall we?

It might be difficult to fathom there are relationship dilemmas associated to searching for your soul mate. Arguably, those who have been lucky enough to have found their soul mate will tell you it’s been the most amazing, passionate, fulfilling and rewarding life changing experience.

“According to a January 2011 Marist poll, 73% of Americans believes that they are destined to find their one, true, soul mate.” -Psychology Today.

I've always wondered why so many people say “He WAS my soul mate” yet they’re no longer part of their life. Here's 3 points to consider while on your quest to find your soul mate.

1. “Soul mates” are often mistaken for infatuations. People so often describe meeting their soul mate as being this explosive, emotional, passionate, heartfelt, INSTANT connection. “I just knew.” You finish each other’s sentences; he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He’s an earthly Superman and Casanova all in one physical god like creation of a man. He makes you feel so incredibly wanted, desired, cared for and protected- yet, you know nothing about him, and you frankly don’t care. You’re so full of oxytocin you confuse this magnetic attraction to “finding your soul mate,” when it’s often just the honey moon phase of all new relationships.

2. You expect your soul mate to be perfect: When you’re “infatuated” with your soul mate, you are instantly shocked when Mr.Perfect does something completely normal; like forget to return your call when he said he would, or open your car door. Studies have shown people who believed in the existence of a soul mate have less patience when their partner makes a mistake. They are less forgiving. As soon as your soul mate turns out to be “just like everyone else” you start to believe he ISN'T your TRUE soul mate after all. This type of behavior places stress on the relationship, and is really an unrealistic way of dealing with a normal healthy partnership.

3. You don’t give a good or great guy an opportunity to evolve into your life partner. Keep Reading...

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