2013 Top 25 Dating Resolutions

Love, Self

If finding someone special is on your priority list; here's a recommended list of dating resolutions

10. Go To A Networking Event: Everyone’s talking about networking these days. Networking allows you to get better at your social skills and also increases your opportunity of meeting new people.
11. Join An Interest Group: Many couples have met while sharing a common interest activity.
12. Read A Self-Help Book: There are thousands of resources in the area of self-help. Focus on reading material which will benefit you and improve areas you are not so great at.
13. Get Organized: Dating requires time, patience and managing a schedule.
14. Read A Relationship Book: Maybe you’ve never read a book about relationships. If you want to learn more about the opposite sex or relationships in general, this is an excellent start.
15. Find A New Hobby: Finding a new hobby gets your creative juices flowing and also occupies some much needed ME time.
16. Make Time for Family and Friends: Guilt is a negative feeling. Making time for loved ones helps with the balance in your life that most people strive for.
17. Be Proactive: Things happen to those who TRY. I’ll share my motto with you “If you don’t ASK, the answer will ALWAYS be NO.” This is not rocket science.
18. Love & Treat Yourself: Ahhhhh, bubble baths. Dinner out. Night on the town. Glass of wine with chocolate covered strawberries. 60 minute massage. Mani/Pedi. Country Drives. Positive affirmations. Hop on your Harley or cruise with your top down.  Make time to enjoy yourself
19. Try A Matchmaking Service: Using a professional matchmaker may save you the time, energy, headache and frustrations of doing it on your own! Let the professionals help you.
20. Compliment More: We forget that our words are powerful and can hurt or inspire someone. Say something nice or complimentary. The best part about this is if it’s genuine, YOU feel great making someone’s day.
21. Do Something Nice: Along those same lines, you may find yourself beaming at the fact you were able to make someone else happy with your actions.
22. Do Something Spontaneous: You get a little bit of an adrenaline rush when you step outside of your comfort zone. Changing up the mundane of your daily routine can spice things up in your daily life…..and in the bedroom 
23. Create Your Bucket List: When you do this list, you create goals for yourself which will inspire and motivate you towards achieving them.
24. Get Family and Friends to Give You the Brutal Truth: This may be hard to do, but the people who are closest to you and spend the most time with you, can give you great insight into who YOU are as a person-uncensored. Ask them to share the good, the bad and the ugly!
25. Write a Great Personal Bio/Resume: How you describe yourself to your potential partner is crucial to attracting the right one. It seems EVERYONE enjoys “long walks on the beach”. If you want to stand-out, you should get a few people to review your online & social media profiles. If you can be found on GOOGLE, then someone’s looking at it. First impressions can make or break your dating opportunities.


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