Will Marie Osmond Remarry Her First Husband?

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond's wants to remarry her ex-husband Stephen Craig because he helped her grieve

Divorce and death often bring out the worst in people, but Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig seem to be the exceptions. The singer turned to her ex-husband, a former basketball player, after her adopted teenage son Michael committed suicide. Apparently, the boy's death breathed new life into their relationship. The two now have rediscovered feelings for each other and have tentatively planned to wed.
Those who know them aren't totally surprised. One source tells ContactMusic.com, "The truth is Marie never stopped loving him."
Osmond and Craig married in 1982 and stayed together for three years. Even after they divorced, they remained friends. A source is quoted as saying that the marriage didn't work the first time around because they were to young, but that now the timing is better.
Now wait just a hot second. What, exactly, makes this good timing? The fact is that Marie's child killed himself only months ago.  This CL blogger has no problem giving first love a second chance, and she understands the desire to return to something familiar because you're sad and angry and possibly scared, but grief isn't enough to sustain a relationship. 
Still, Craig is being credited for seeing Marie through the tragedy, and it's possible that someone who is a really close friend will make an even better husband.   The marriage may be the only glimmer of hope in an otherwise heartbreaking situation. We wish them luck on the second time around.