Seal Shares The Secret For A Happy Marriage


Surprisingly, being married to a supermodel has nothing to do with it.

Seal and his wife Heidi Klum, who recently changed her surname to Samuel, to match his, are a rare and shining example of true love in Hollywood. The British singer and his German supermodel wife have been happily married for almost five years all-the-while managing two high-profile careers and four young children. Heidi Klum Has A Frighteningly Perfect Life

They've handled all of these stressors with remarkable ease and an incredible sense of fashion, leaving many to wonder: How do they do it?

In a recent interview with The Daily Express, the 48-year-old singer confides that he and Heidi, 36, "make the marriage work by not making it all about the kids." Adding,

My wife and I take time to also have fun just by ourselves and it has to be that way. Other couples make it all about their kids and, yes, a lot of it is, but not all. You have to remember that before the children came along, there was only two of you and you were best friends and still should be."

In essence, they make time for each other. Makes sense, doesn't it? 5 Ways To Improve A Marriage That's Already Strong

Now that Susan and Tim are seemingly kaputz, have we found the new celebrity love couple to project all our romantic hopes and dreams upon?  Susan Sarandon And Tim Robbins Split

Sure looks like it so far!

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.