Reclaiming Rom-Coms: 4 Reasons To Love Them

why we still love romantic comedies
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Romantic comedies are predictable and super-fluffy, but sometimes they're absolutely perfect.

What happened to the romantic comedy? Marketers still think they're required viewing for anyone with a second X-chromosome, but many women we know—strong, independent, modern women—seem to hate rom-coms. Women complain that they're unrealistic, unoriginal, and totally cheesy. In fact, this Love Buzz blogger recently heard a woman say she'd "lost faith in romantic comedies completely."

Still, a bright young woman can love romantic comedies, can absolutely love them, and also consider herself confident and realistic. The rom-com-loving woman knows that relationships aren't all about grand gestures and the perfect monologue. After seeing an early screening of Valentine's Day—the new mega-star ensable flick that comes out today—yours truly was reminded of just how wonderful these movies can be. Here's why.

1) They're predictable.
This sounds like an insult, but it's not. When you go to see a romantic comedy, you know exactly what you're getting: attractive people who meet, fall in love, experience some comedic misfortunes but eventually work through them for a kiss at the end. It's nice to know that you're getting just what you paid for. Having said that, in a well-written romantic comedy (like Valentine's Day) there are still subtle plot-twists that are delightfully intriguing and not entirely expected.

2) It's instant escapism.
Let's say that you're having a really bad day. You're cold and exhausted and stressed out. You're working long hours, your friends have been M.I.A. and your dog is throwing up. About 10 minutes into the film, you're not thinking about any of that. Instead, you're transported into a world of upbeat alternative rock, an adorable love-interest and problems that are easily fixed within an hour-and-a-half. It may be light and fluffy, but sometimes that's exactly what you need.

3) They're not cynical.
Real life can be complicated and difficult, but in a rom-com you know that everything will turn out well—what a relief. Nothing's better than leaving a movie theater with the renewed faith that love is out there and that you will, one day, find it (though perhaps without meeting in a coffee shop and other cute shenanigans). 4 Bad Dating Habits Learned From Romantic Comedies

4) Eye candy.
Even if the plot is boring, it's a sure bet that there will be some very attractive people to stare at on-screen. Everybody wins.