Mr & Mrs Sheen Check Into Rehab

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller

We're not sure if the drama keeps getting better to report or harder to watch.

Because we know you were waiting for it, here's an update on Charlie and Brooke. We last left the couple sharing some very warm moments together in an Aspen court room. Charlie And Brooke On The Mend, World Perplexed.

Next, we hear that Mrs. Charlie Sheen, mother of two twin boys, hit the bottle hard for one last night on the town—with Charlie!—before entering rehab at a facility called The Canyon. Brooke Mueller's Pre-Rehab Party

Now get this: TMZ is reporting that Mueller needed to switch rehab facilities because her confidential medical records were leaked to the media. She's so upset over the security breach that her lawyer, Yale Galanter, said "Brooke no longer feels she can go into a public facility" and was therefore being transfered to "a private, more secure, confidential environment."

Right, because without those records, nobody would ever have known that she was an addict. Charlie Sheen's Wife's Troubled Past

Her attorney also said that he planed to arrest the person at The Canyon who released the records. Perhaps this was a good development, though, since Galanter is confident that Brooke's new facility will get her the treatment necessary for her to "be the best mom she can be."

Speaking of Brooke as a mother, the jury's still out. Some sources are saying she does the job well. One individual told E! News that "She sees her children almost every day, and she's an extraordinary mom to them."

Then again, the folks at Celebrity Baby Scoop are reporting that child services was called to the Sheen residence on Sunday night. They also have a quote from a source saying that "things are not well within that household"

Perhaps they are alluding to the fact that now both mother and father are in rehab? 

Since we're not sure who to believe and since we can't stand to watch but can't make ourselves look away, the only thing to do seems to be to wait and see what happens next.