Lindsay Lohan Is Trying Out A New Style: Men

lindsay lohan boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan flirts with men on both sides of the pond.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan changes her sexual preferences as often as she changes her hair color. She was dating men like Aaron Carter and Wilmer Valderrama before she began a roller coaster relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson that ended late last year. Now she's back with the boys. Well, we can't say she didn't warn us. Lindsay Lohan Gives Lesbianism An Ultimatum

La Lohan has set her sights on Adam Senn, a male model that she was linked to in December of 2009. According to, the starlet was seen "groping and grinding" with Senn at a club in L.A. She was also arguing with another female clubgoer and "acting so jealous" when Adam dared to speak with someone else. In other words, she was being herself.  At the end of the night, though, LiLo and her targeted prey left together. What Is Going On With Lindsay Lohan?

Senn is not the only man that Lindsay's been linked to lately. On a recent trip to London, she was seen with actor Edward Speleers from Eragon. In fact, he reportedly introduced her to his friends as his girlfriend. We wonder, then, what he would think of her new "obsession" with Sam Webb, another male model who she met on the same trip.

We don't fault her for enjoying her freedom, but we don't buy it, either. Maybe it's just us, but we think that this rampant flirting seems a bit desperate, almost like she's trying to make Sam jealous of all the fun she's having (with men, no less!) now that she's single. Perhaps laying low while she figures herself out and heals from her breakup would be a better course of action. Lindsay Lohan: Lawsuits And Loneliness?

Once she's really ready to get back on the dating circuit, it'll be interesting to see who her next S.O. will be. If she decides to stay with the men, that's cool, but if she decides she likes the ladies, we know some celebs who might capture her interest. 7 Female Celebs We'd Like To Kiss