Kevin Federline Apologizes To Shar Jackson

kevin federline

It's about time! Kevin Federline to Shar Jackson: "I've been really selfish. I sorry."

Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson didn't just drop weight on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, they dropped some baggage, too. On the show's season finale, the two got a sense of closure on their relationship, even if it is almost six years after the fact. The 40 Biggest Celebrity Love Stories Of The '00s

Here's a quick refresher: K-Fed left Shar for Britney Spears in July of 2004, while Jackson was pregnant with his child for the second time. Shar was publicly humiliated and the world was left stunned, confused, and slightly disgusted by the whirlwind that was the Spederline relationship. Celebrity Couples That We Wish Were A Joke

Finally, Kevin understood what the rest of the planet has been thinking all this time: he acted like a total creep. Breakups are hard enough without the paparazzi getting involved. Since he dissed the lovely Ms. Jackson publicly, he decided to apologize in kind. On the nationally televised program, he told her, "I know I've caused you a lot of pain. I've been really selfish.  I guess I got so wrapped up in all this other sh*t that I never really got a chance to sit back and apologize to you. I really do want you to know that I am sorry."

K-Fed's ex-fiance-slash-baby-mama got a chance to express herself as well, admitting, "I felt like the whole relationship was not real by the way you handled it ending—and that killed me."

There was another mea culpa, followed by a hug. He wished her the best, she said his apology "meant the world" to her and the matter was put to rest.

We never thought we'd say this—literally, never—but Kevin Federline did something decent. He really did appear to feel remorse and to mean what he said. That's so much better than, say, checking into sex rehab just so you have a shot at getting some of your mega-wealthy wife's money (oh, sorry, we mean "saving your marriage"), and then quitting when you realize that the empty gesture isn't winning you any points. Jesse James Skips Rehab Because Of Sandra's Prenup

So with 48 pounds lost between the two of them—K-Fed now weighs 30 pounds less than he did in the above photo—and with the hatchet officially buried, it looks like things are a whole lot lighter.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.