Katy Perry Is Officially Branded

Russell Brand and Katy Perry in India

The British comedian planned a fairytale proposal for his pop star girlfriend in India.

Russel Brand, 34, knew better than to play hot-'n'-cold with girlfriend Katy Perry, 25. So, on a trip to India over the holidays, he made his feelings clear with a very romantic proposal on New Year's Eve. How To Handle A Hot-And-Cold Guy

We were a little jealous when we learned (via our friends at HollywoodLife.com) that he spent hundreds of British pounds on a traditional Indian dress for Katy to wear that night, and our hearts skipped a beat when we heard about the romantic candlelight dinner—complete with watching a fireworks display atop an elephant—that Russell had the staff set up for them in a garden on the luxurious hotel's grounds.

Think that's too good to be true? There was also a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Are Women Still Looking For Prince Charming?

When Katy found the diamond ring hidden in a bouquet of flowers and Russell proposed, she instantly said yes.  How could she not?

"They looked like they were beautifully in love," said a source.

This CelebLove blogger is giving Russell major points, since we all know that not everybody can pop the question with such style. 7 Terrible Ways To Propose

According to Perez Hilton's website, the two are already planning their nuptuals, and many suspect this will be a quick engagement. Brand has asked Nik Linnen, his manager, to be his best man.

If Brand can do a proposal this big, we can't wait to see the wedding ceremony!

Photo via TwitPic.