Jon Battles Kate Over Custody Of The 8

Jon Kate Gosselin

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin sues ex-wife Kate Gosselin for primary custody of their eight children.

Just because the show is over doesn't mean the drama is finished. In the lastest round of the Jon and Kate saga, Jon Gosselin wants to re-open his divorce settlement with ex-wife Kate Gosselin and sue her for custody of their children. 

Extra tells us Jon's argument is that Kate's role on Dancing With The Stars makes her "an absentee mom" and that she's now giving most of her parenting duties over to nannies. 

Kate's side says that the accusation is "downright offensive and outrageous."  We agree. Is it possible that Jon's doing this because he's upset that Kate wants to move on to other men? Kate Gosselin Is 'Ready To Date,' But Who?

After all, it's not like Kate's never balanced reality television and parenting before, right? We're sure she's type-A enough to do both jobs well. If Jon really is concerned about the welfare of his kids, he might want to remember that seeing their parents constantly fighting can take a toll on their mental and emotional states. That could be more damaging than having a mother who works. Redbook Editor On How To Divorce With Respect

But take heart, Jon. Kate could get booted from the show soon, and then you could rest easy knowing that nothing is taking her attention away from the children.