Happy New Year From The Best Of YourTango

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This week's YourTango content ends 2009 on a good note.

The champagne is on ice and the streamers are all set. This week's best content from YourTango is where the party's at. Reminisce about the decades top sex trends and 2009's best community blogs, and then look forward to the romantic benefits of the remaining winter months. As the year winds down, we'll tackle the big questions, like why Tay-Tay called it quits, if Tiger Woods really is the scandal of the year, and why he didn't call you back. The resolutions can wait until after you check out these stories.  Start reading in 10... 9... 8...

Love Buzz: 7 Reasons Winter Romance Rules

The winter months don't have to put the freeze on your relationship.  

Celeb Love: Why Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Broke Up

When the disco ball drops, Taylor-squared will each be looking for a new kissing buddy.

Tomfoolery: Is Tiger Really The Story Of The Year/Decade?

Our own Tom Miller isn't so sure.

Community Blog: The Top 10 Community Blogs Of 2009

Relive the year's best postings from YourTango's community members.

Essay: The Top 10 Sex Trends Of The '00s

Take a look back at the decade's best trends in the bedroom

Video: The Number One Reason Why He Didn't Call Back 

Ring in the new year with a phone that rings off the hook by avoiding this mistake.