The Best Of YourTango: Warming Up In Cooler Months

a couple relaxes by a fireplace

The temperatures may be dropping, but here at YourTango, we're keeping things hot. From maybe-budding Hollywood romances and the health benefits of kissing, to the real problem women have with pornography and safe topics for Thanksgiving with the in-laws, there's plenty of content to keep your mind off the impending frost.  Change into your sweats, grab some hot chocolate and snuggle in under a warm blanket, because you're not going to want to miss this.

Love: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner's Dream Romance
The jury's still out on an official celebrity nickname, but we think Tay-Tay has potential

LoveBuzz: 5 Reasons Kissing Is Good For You
A good game of tonsil-hockey has benefits besides being a warm-up for scoring big.

Tomfoolery: What Would You Do To Get Your Husband Out Of Jail?
One woman risks everything to help her husband by becoming a whole new kind of Undercover Lover.

Video: The Pros and Cons Of Marrying Young
Ah, to be young and in love. But to be young and married? Here's the good and bad of being a newlywed

Community Blog: Why Women Are Wrong About Porn
Is it possible that some women's distaste for steamy screen scenes is simply insecurity rather than impropriety?

6 Safe Conversation Topics For Thanksgiving
Talking points for a marathon meal with his family, and how to prep for the event like a pro.

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