Best Of YourTango: It's All In Your Head

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This is your brain; this is your brain high on love.

This week, The Best Of Yourtango explores the importance of being rational in relationships. Get mentally pumped for Valentine's Day, because the one-month countdown is officially on. Once you're in the romantic mood, learn how to think your way to a better sexual experience. Remember, though, that sex, guns, and drugs are a bad combination. In fact, some people in Hollywood are speculating that the large amount of pain medication in his system is what prompted Dennis Hopper to divorce his wife of 12 years. If you're still optimistic about love and willing to search for it, we have a guide to decoding online dating profiles. When it's time to meet up in person, be sure to check out our video about making eye contact with men. Finally, we ask your opinion on Heidi Pratt's (nee Montag) possible plastic surgery addiction. Should Spencer have stopped her from going under the knife?

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