Baby On The Way For Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon?

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon pregnancy rumors

Mariah Carey says there's "something special on the way" for her and husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey has many titles: singer, actress, entrepreneur. At 39, is she ready to add "mother" to that list?

Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are no stranger to pregnancy rumors, but this one appears to have some evidence behind it. Mariah Carey Discusses Baby Rumors And Rihanna

Exhibit A: Dropping Hints
It seems that Mrs. Cannon is raising eyebrows by telling the UK's The Mirror that "There's ... something special on the way. I can't say anymore."

Exhibit B: Putting On The Pounds
Some are saying that Carey looked super-curvy when she appeared at the Oscars on Sunday night. Oscar Presenters: Rating Their Chemistry

Exhibit C: Abstaining From Alcohol
Per, we learn that MiMi sipped water rather than alcohol at the Independent Spirit Awards

Ok, sure, so her rep is denying that the couple — who have been married for almost three years — are expecting. And the rumors have all been false before.

Still, the details seem to be adding up. Based on a direct quote, some added curves and a noted absence of alcohol, we're not sure we buy claims that there is "no truth" to this latest round of speculation.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.