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90210's Ian Ziering Is Engaged

90210's Ian Ziering Is Engaged

Sorry, ladies. Steve Sanders is officially off the market.

He captured our hearts (but perhaps not our heartstrings) as the goofy Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills, 90210; now it seems that one lucky lady has captured his. That's right, everybody. Ian Ziering is engaged to Erin Kristine Ludwig. 12 Lessons Learned from Beverly Hills, 90210

People is reporting that the 45-year old actor announced his engagement via a Facebook status update. Classy. Facebook Manners And You

In an e-mail, Ziering provided a few quick detials. "She's a nurse, we're planning a spring wedding and we've been together since Labor Day [of 2009]," he said. With that rank-and-file elaboration of the good news, he sure sounds thrilled.

Let's do some quick math. It's now the beginning of February, and Labor Day is at the beginning of September. By our calculations, the lovebirds have been together a grand total of 5 months. What's the rush for, exactly?

It's could be that the couple is incredibly in love and just couldn't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. It's also possible that it's been seven years since Ziering's first marriage to model Nikki Schieler Ziering ended and he's tired of the single life. Then again, in a town like Hollywood where gossip spreads far and fast, a quick engagement might quickly beget speculation about a shotgun wedding. Is A Shotgun Wedding Right For You?

Whatever his reasons, CelebLove wishes Ian a hearty congratulations and the best of luck with his soon-to-be bride. From what we saw of him during his stint on Dancing With The Stars in 2004, that first dance as husband and wife is going to be a great one.