7 Female Celebs We'd Like To Kiss

7 Female Celebs We'd Like To Kiss
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It'll never happen, but if it could... we'd kiss these seven female celebrities.

As recently reported, Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore are getting it on for their new film, Chloe. Naturally, we started to wonder if there were women out there who might tempt us to venture into the land of the bi-curious. Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried Have Lesbian Sex

Personally, this CelebLover thinks that the whole "I'm straight, but I'll kiss a girl to be scandalous and rebellious and maybe get some attention" attitude is a bit played out, not to mention incredibly disrespectful to our lesbian friends whose sexuality is more than a fad. Still, as long as there are straight men who subscribe to the philosophy of "the more the merrier," girl-on-girl action will hold the title of Hottest Fantasy Ever.  Curious About Girl On Girl? Bisexual Gives Advice.

So, if we were going to be a switch hitter—what? It's not like men cornered the market on using sexually suggestive sports metaphors—there are a few specific celebs we'd step up to the plate for.

1) Halle Berry
She could have any hairstyle—long, pixie cut, bob, blonde, or brunette, she's done it all—and be incredibly sexy. She can wear any outfit and look confident. Aside from looking just as stunning in a casual sundress or worn-in jeans as she does in a fancy oscar gown, Halle is a strong, talented woman who's comfortable in her own skin. That, by far, is the sexiest thing about her. Don't you think David Justice and Eric Benet feel like the worlds biggest fools right now?

2) Drew Barrymore
She's spirited, she's sassy, and she's someone who'd be a blast to hang out with in almost any situation. Oh, and she's beautiful. Is there any better combination in a tonsil hockey partner? She's so cool that we'll forgive whatever cosmic joke caused her to settle down with Tom Green. She is the queen of Flower Power, and we're just happy to be the court jester.

3) Keira Knightley
Yes, she's beautiful (or as the Brits would say, "fetching"), and she's obviously talented, but we can sum up the attraction here in two words: English Accent.  Oui, Y’all: Why Accents Are So Attractive