Sex Gets Hotter with Three Levels of Foreplay

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Sex Gets Hotter with Three Levels of Foreplay

Did you know that there are 3 tantric levels of foreplay that set the stage for the highest experience you could imagine?

Good lovers know that foreplay is a very important part of really fulfilling lovemaking, but only great lovers are aware that foreplay begins even before touching and kissing.

In fact, there are two levels of foreplay before touching and kissing.

The steps that precede foreplay, which I call "pre-foreplay" are essential, and yet most men know nothing about then or are so driven to speed up lovemaking by the impelling energy in their sex center that wants to release, that they just ignore these steps.

But, when you skip over pre-foreplay, you miss out on incredible heights of pleasure in your lovemaking.

During pre-foreplay, you set the stage for passionate energy to move into the whole body taking the lovemaking to a completely different level, higher and more fulfilling for both.

Over the years, hundreds of the women who have worked with me tell me that it took knowing those secret two steps of pre-foreplay to actually allow themselves to be orgasmic for the first time.

They felt so relieved that they no longer had to fake an orgasm to make him feel good. Bringing more sexual energy into the sexual experience through pre-foreplay raised them to those heights they had never reached before.

With this new approach, both the man and the woman feel good because they both experience passion flowing through their whole body. 

They both have created enough space for the ever increasing orgasmic energy, and they are relaxed enough to surrender to that orgasmic energy that they have been stirring up and circulating back and forth.

When you discover these extra levels of sexplay, as a woman you learn how to open up your body and soul and receive your man’s passionate gaze that expresses more than words how much you are desired and wanted. Of course in this state of energy overflow, you will add your energy and give it back to him in an upward spiraling circle.

As a man, you learn to slow down your advances to match her timing until she has had one or even several orgasms before intercourse. Can you imagine how the hot the intercourse will be then?

This article was originally published at http://1Tantra.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.