Tantric Sex: 4 Ways To Dip Into Your Partner's Soul

Tantric Sex: Taking Lovemaking To A Whole New Level
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Increase the pleasure of lovemaking by deepening the spiritual connection between you & your partner

Sex is always fun and creates multiple physical benefits, such as increased circulation, circulation of happy and bonding hormones, and release of stress—just to mention a few.

However, when you add Tantric knowledge to sex, you can greatly increase the benefits and deepen the connection and the pleasure you experience in lovemaking by learning how to use the vibrant erotic energy to deepen the spiritual connection with each other. Some ways to do it are:

1. Intention
It's important to decide before lovemaking where to direct the energy that you and your lover will create together. If your intention is to send the orgasmic energy you release outwards to relieve the suffering of all humans who are open to receive your gift, you will have done something of great value. For that moment at least you are not concerned about yourself and your addiction to being a separate self is weakened and your happiness increases.

On some level we all know that we are ONE: We all breathing the same air, we all have the same basic needs for comfort, pleasure and love. When you set the high intention to share your energy with all who need it you are making your lovemaking an awesome offering. The best part of it is that when you offering anything from your heart you feel higher pleasure yourself. You cannot give anything without feeling it yourself. It's a win/win approach to lovemaking.

2. Bonding
Start your lovemaking session with silently looking into each other's left eye in order to experience your right brain connection. The right brain is where we feel bonding and compassion, as well as passion. The left side of the brain often interferes with this. This part of your brain is more interested in wanting you to be perfect, to perform instead of creating a state of ecstasy that deeply relaxes and fulfills. If you stay connected with the right side of your brain, which has a direct connection with your heart and your sex center you will reach much higher places where you can experience real union with your lover and expend to a greater union beyond the two of you.

3. Touching With The Heart
When you touch really gently, focus on feeling your heart energy streaming out from your hand to the part of your lover's body that you are touching. Learn how to give your touch consciously and your lover is fully there to receive you; of course then you switch and you become the receiver. Both fully focused on either giving or receiving, your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are fully touched and filled with love.

4. Feel Their Divinity
In the middle of high energy waves, stop any movement and look into your lover's eyes as though you are inhaling their being into you. Feel the non-physical part of your lover, their Divinity merging with yours. This will bring you to a much higher level of expansion, pleasure and union.

Enjoy the higher and deeper connection and continue making love as long as you want. Make sure you are taking several dips into each other's souls. Of course, words can help you with your intellectual understanding, and are meant to inspire you to actually doing it. A Tantra session, or even a workshop with a professional will help you to actually feel it.


This article was originally published at Tantra by Carla Tara . Reprinted with permission from the author.