How To Keep Sexual Desire Sizzling Hot


Tips For A Healthy Sex Life in the Long-Term

  • Take time to consciously making love spontaneously and paying attention to newness of the moment every time you connect. Habits tend to numb love.
  • During the day take time to connect with your own erotic energy by taking deep slow breaths often during the day.
  • Take time to look into your lover's eyes to express your desire, your admiration and your tenderness. The eyes can express all of it. Imagine how your eyes light up when you see a beautiful baby, a kitten or a puppy: that is a tenderness look. Imagine how your look changes when you see a sexy scene. That is a desire look, and so on…. Practice your looking at each other in different expressions.
  • Synchronize your breath with each other so you get to feel what your lover is feeling
  • Notice and express what is right about each other. Become a finder of what you love in the other person. Usually after the first falling in love phase we become accustomed to look of what needs to be corrected, instead.
  • When something is not working, tell your lover about it in a compassionate way, expressing your needs and desires as a gentle request instead of as a demand.
  • The deeper you go in truth the higher you go into ecstasy. Holding back from expressing your deep needs (and hoping their guess them) creates separation.
  • Building trust that when one of you expresses your needs you are not being made wrong, but heard and understood, whether you can help them fulfill that need or not.

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