The Art That Keeps Passion Fresh


Want a relationship where you can't keep your hands off each other, even after years together?

When was the last time you had mind-blowing sex, when you were as passionate with each other as you were at the beginning of your relationship, before habitual sex started to creep in?

Have you had sex that feels just the way those bestseller writers describe it with their powerful imaginations? Instead of listening to words in your head telling you that great sex is just fiction, have you actually felt your body glowing with great passion even after years of living together? You feel younger, happier, more wanted and closer than ever before.

What do you do to keep sex hot and fresh?

Sex that takes you beyond the limits your rational mind tries to place on it?

How can you break through the limitations in your thought system and venture into the unknown?

Of course it take trust and skill in communicating to your lover what you really deeply desire, even when your desire sounds unusual or even crazy.

It also takes more knowledge.

Yes, knowledge is necessary, and willingness to implement what works. What do you do after you know what turns her on and what he secretly likes that would bring both of you over the edge?

Porn does not help because it’s based on performance not on love.

Articles in fancy magazines give you cookie cutter answers that sound good, but seldom work in the long run.

What about if a relationship was possible where you could NOT keep your hands off each other? A relationship where you safely share the secret fantasies you have, even if you decide not to act them out?

Tantra is the study of the art of keeping sex fresh and exciting even if you have been married for 50 years or more. Tantra teaches the art of sexual ecstasy and gives you detailed information of what makes and keeps sex hot and juicy, and how to expand your love and spiritual connection.
What if every woman could unlock the secret of what makes her irresistible to her man?
What if a man could discover what brings her to the greatest heights of pleasure and connection, so that his woman can’t wait for him to come home and prepare the space for making love?

This is not an unrealistic hope. Tantra has been proven over 5,000 years to achieve that and so much more. Tantra offers the key to open each other’s hearts and let sexual energy provide the fuel to get the ecstasy you both deeply desire.

This article was originally published at Tantra by Carla Tara . Reprinted with permission from the author.